The Ultimate English Opening (1.c4) Guide

The English Opening first move, 1.c4

Choosing the right chess opening to learn can be a taxing process. Some are fun but too dubious, others are solid but lack excitement, and worst of all, there are those that are frustratingly dependent on your opponent playing into your preparation. But what if I told you there was another way: a highly respected […]

Lifetime Repertoires: Reversed Sicilian

Reversed Sicilian Setup

Dealing with 1.c4 can be frustrating. Perhaps because it’s not a very common opening, players tend to procrastinate studying it. But when it does come on the board, White seems to develop very comfortably and harmoniously, and the unprepared Black player has to navigate something of a minefield. But 1.c4 becomes a much more frequent […]

Reversed Sicilian: How Bojkov Created Beating the English

The world is changing. The chess is changing. We live in the era of mass communication. Tonnes of information are poured on our poor heads. Weekly, daily, hourly. We have more and more things to study. And less chances to explore and surprise. The chess world is witnessing more and more thoroughly prepared lines. Lines […]