Chess Openings or Endgames: Where to Start?

The answer to whether we study openings or endgames, like chess, is both simple and complex. Of course, if you misplay the opening, you might never make it to the middlegame, never mind the endgame. This fact makes learning openings important. Learning the endgames helps you decide on a strategy for the opening and middlegame. […]

Zugzwang in Chess (The Beginner’s Guide)

Zugzwang: a Beginner's Guide

TL;DR – What is Zugzwang in chess? Zugzwang is a chess concept that describes a position in which you are forced to make a bad move. This occurs due to the nature of the game of chess (you cannot pass your turn) and the fact that you may find yourself in a position where the […]

Grandmaster tips: Nothing is easy in chess (especially endgames)

GM ALEX COLOVIC on how even Grandmasters can mess up easy endgames under pressure Recently I returned from a FIDE Seminar, where I was suggested for a FIDE Trainer title. The seminar was very interesting and informative. One of the topics that got me thinking was the issue of chess endgames. Endgames can be divided […]