Announcing the 3rd Annual Chessable Awards

It’s that time of year again. That’s right, it’s time to start voting for the 3rd edition of the Chessable Awards, the Oscars of chess courses. In 2022, there was plenty to be excited about at Chessable. With over 250 courses released, this might be the toughest year yet to choose which were the best. […]

In search of the ineffable: why Move Trainer also wants us to do ‘dumb’ stuff!

Chessable MoveTrainer

In his celebrated book Personal Knowledge, the renowned physical chemist and philosopher Michael Polanyi made the case for the scientist’s personal participation in knowledge-discovery and knowledge-validation. Whilst our culture commonly prizes scientific objectivity and detachment, for Polanyi, ‘knowing’ is a deeply personal act (and art), melding skill, commitment, and passionate engagement with the chosen domain. […]