Scuba Diving and Chess: Undergraduate Research

The Chessable Research Awards for the Summer 2023 cycle had four winners, undergraduate student Michael Martins and graduate students Jordan von Hippel, Jérôme Genzling, and Jane Zhang. In this guest blog post, Michael Martins draws on his own diving experience to ask how diving affects one’s ability to play chess, a question that his university’s […]

Summer 2023 Chessable Research Awards winners: Chessable connects with top universities

According to the 2022-2023 U.S. News & World Report best global universities rankings, four of the top 767 universities in the world are represented among the Summer 2023 Chessable Research Awards (CRA) winners. Quoting the U.S. News & World Report website, “These institutions from the U.S. and more than 90 other countries have been ranked […]