Memory Matters (or Why Homer Simpson is Wrong)

memory matters in chess

Introduction by Prof Barry Hymer As regular Chessable users know, our MoveTrainer technology embraces the powerful processes of spaced repetition, and we have written about ways of using this system most effectively in previous science blog posts. But we haven’t yet written a post about the very concept of memory and its general role in […]

How to Prepare an Opening

how to prepare a chess opening

I would like to describe here the process of preparing an opening using an opening book. A lot of people do not have a coach to verbally explain all the subtleties of a variation and answer the questions that may arise in the process of learning. Speaking of openings, using books in precomputer times was […]

The Alluring Illusion of ‘Learning Styles’ in Chess

how learning styles matter in chess

Are you struggling to study and improve your chess? Check this article by Professor Barry Hymer delving into the very challenging topic of learning styles in chess… My wish Wouldn’t it be great if I could learn chess in a way that suited my individual learning style? If material could be presented in a form […]

The Greatest Female Chess Player Of All Time?

superwoman silhouette, polgar position

Everybody knows who the greatest female chess player ever is. BUT… Imagine for a moment that this post is one of those fun online discussions, which challenges you to “name” a celebrity — without actually mentioning their name. I love how those threads uncover lesser-known gems and fun facts about our favorite personalities…and I’ve got […]

What Do Chess and Investing Have in Common?

This is a guest post by International Master Dmitri Shneider. Dmitri is Chief Financial Officer of Play Magnus Group (PMG), a publicly traded company on the Euronext Growth Oslo market. In his younger days, he was a top ranked junior chess player.  He has represented the United States in over a dozen World Youth and […]

Sky News host Kay Burley on chess: ‘It’s so glitzy and fabulous’

TV presenter Kay Burley has told how she loves the glitzy “sport” of chess and would be fascinated to find out how the top two players Magnus Carlsen and Fabiano Caruana interact together. The Sky News anchor, who hosts also The Kay Burley Show and Kay Meets, was at the venue of the World Chess Championship in […]

Is chess a sport? Calories burnt at Isle of Man reignite question

Is chess a sport? An interesting experiment taking place in the chess world right now, on whether playing chess can burn calories, might provide an answer. The organisers of the 2018 Isle of Man International, which is on this week, have offered competitors the chance to have their heart rates monitored during games. Round 6 #IoMChess […]

From 891 to 1760: How Jameson took his USCF rating through the roof

Greeny50000 is booked-to-the-teeth. He’s even got the badge for it. And Greeny’s also got the Like a Bolt! badge for being fast – which is just as well considering how quickly he’s improving. But now this Chessable member – real name Jameson Tang – has just achieved something even better than our badges – he’s […]

Chess Tips for Beginners: 5 Ways to Improve Your Game

Beginner chess player holding his hand over black chess pieces

So you’ve learned the basic moves of chess and have played a bunch of games, and you’ve decided that you want to get better at this beautiful game. Where do you start? Chess tips for beginners of course! Over the last few years, I’ve taught and observed new and beginning players as they develop in […]

Praggu’s race to be youngest ever chess Grandmaster

While Chessable’s own John Bartholomew is continuing his quest to get the Grandmaster title, time is running out for another International Master hoping to secure what would be an even more incredible achievement. On January 10 Indian super talent Ramesh Praggnanandhaa, or Praggu as he is known, was exactly 12 years and five months old, […]