Training With Toggl Update

We recently posted about how to track your training with Toggl, with blog guest Martin B. Justesen sharing some of his thoughts from The Say Chess Blog. We promised to revisit the subject and here is Martin’s update. The first part ended with the words: ‘When you start tracking you can follow your weekly progress and see how you spend […]

Track your Training with Toggl

Your weekend reading is here as today we present a guest post on the subjects of deep chess training and how to track your training with Toggl. Martin B. Justesen, an adult chess improver from Denmark, is our guest writer for today. Martin is sharing some thoughts from The Say Chess Blog. Martin’s new book, Blindfold […]

The Training Regimen of Youngest GM

You’ve probably heard the news by now – Abhimanyu Mishra has become the world’s youngest grandmaster. In doing so, he broke a record that stood for 19 years. So how did he achieve the highest rank in professional chess so quickly? When we heard about his big news, we just had to talk to GM […]