Sterile Bishops

We have all heard of the advantage of the pair of bishops. Indeed, the two bishops are a formidable force, able to control squares of both colours, thus not allowing any hiding place for the opponent’s pieces. The bishops are particularly potent in open positions, where they can roam free and attack everything in sight. […]

How to Win at Chess – Like a Pro!

Win at Chess

Many chess beginners often start by wondering how they can deliver a quick checkmate to win at chess. Many people start out playing casually against their family members and are looking for that first win.

Chess Tricks and Traps A Beginner Must Know

Learn about some of the most dangerous chess tricks and traps you can use as a beginner and against stronger opponents later. Chess Tricks and Traps You Can use In Your Games The opening is an essential part of the game because you bring your pieces into the game. You use the opening to prepare […]

Chess Pawn Moves and Structures

Short summary: Pawn structure is very important in a chess game, as pawns make up the “skeleton” of a chess position, and often indicate where your pieces should go and where to attack Pawns can only move forward, and can only capture diagonally. The fact that pawns can never move back is a fundamental concept […]

Chess Informant 148

Want to get your hands on cutting-edge chess ideas — which are sure to surprise the competition and tip the game into your favor? Then you can’t ask for a better resource than the Chess Informant. Sure, you can browse online databases and tournament websites for the latest games. But unless you can work through […]