How I Went from 300 to 1500 Elo in 9 Months

How I went from 300 to 1500 elo

In this post, guest writer Alex Crompton shares how he increased his rating from 300 to 1500 points in just 9 months, starting from complete beginner level as an adult. Understanding that most beginner-level games come down to tactics, Crompton designed and stuck with a smart training plan to build tactical fluency  – the ability […]

Grandmaster vs. International Master – What’s the Difference?

IM vs GM Chessable Blog

With so many people new to chess due to the Queen’s Gambit effect, it can be a bit difficult getting straight all the chess terminology. Grandmaster, International Master, tournament norms… What is all of that? In this post, we’re answering all your questions. The Absolute Basics: What’s a Grandmaster? What’s an International Master? Grandmaster is […]