The Matinovsky Gambit – Opening Guide for White & Black

Quick overview: The Matinovsky Gambit is an opening arising out of the Owen’s Defense after the move order 1.e4 b6 2.d4 Bb7 3.Bd3 f5. The idea of the opening is for White to accept the pawn on f5 and for Black to target White’s g2 pawn and rook on h1. If White knows how to […]

Colorado Gambit: Opening Guide for White & Black

Quick overview: The Colorado Gambit is a subvariation of the Nimzowitsch Defense, arising after the move order 1.e4 Nc6 2.Nf3 f5. It is a rare opening that mostly has value as a surprise weapon. If White plays accurately, they will have a superior position. However, any stumbling by White can give Black some interesting chances. […]

The Blumenfeld Gambit Is an Exciting Gambit

Chess players who enjoy playing the Benoni Defense or Benko Gambit will enjoy playing the Blumenfeld Gambit. Use the Blumfeld Gambit to get exciting games when White plays 2.Nf3. When you wish to avoid soaking up the pressure you can go on the offensive with the Blumenfeld Gambit. There are two main options for White […]

Chigorin Defense: Active Play in the Queen’s Gambit Declined

The Chigorin Defense is counter-attacking. Learn how to make the most of your knights by playing the Chigorin Defense. Apply pressure against White’s center and gain easy development of your pieces. White does best to accept modest gains and resist the urge to over-extend. Ideas Behind the Chigorin Defense The Chigorin Defense in the Queen’s […]

Lucchini Gambit: A Little Known Chess Opening

Learn a lot about attack and defense in chess with the unheralded Lucchini Gambit. For those players who relish exciting chess and are not afraid to sacrifice material, the Lucchini Gambit is tailor-made for you. Learn about a position Stockfish assesses as 0.00 even though Black is an entire rook down. Deepen your understanding of […]

Portuguese Gambit: Striking Out in the Scandinavian Defense

Avoid the well-worn paths of the mainline Scandinavian Defense with the exciting Portuguese Gambit. Since active piece play and a lead in development work well in any chess opening, why not develop your bishop with tempo? The attack on the queen can get met in three ways – 4.f3, 4.Nf3, and 4.Bb5+. This dynamic opening […]

Lolli Attack: Giving the Italian Game a Boost

The Lolli Attack adds a little more heat to the Fried Liver Attack. The Lolli Attack poses many defensive challenges to Black. Easy to play with very little theory, the Lolli Attack is an ideal weapon for players who enjoy attacking, tactical games. The three main defensive tries for Black are 6…exd4, 6…Be7, and 6…Bb4+. […]

Cochrane Gambit: Adding Spice to the Petroff

The Cochrane Gambit is a sacrifice in the Petroff Defense. White has three main options in the Cochrane Gambit – 5.d4, 5.Nc3, and 5.Bc4+ Back must respect the Cochrane Gambit and play carefully. Ultimately though, the Cochrane Gambit is theoretically unsound. Understanding the Ideas Behind the Cochrane Gambit The Cochrane Gambit is named after John […]

Rousseau Gambit: Where Italian Game and King’s Gambit Meet

The Rousseau gambit is Black’s attempt to lure his opponent into unfamiliar territory within the Italian Game. White does best not to play into Black’s hands by accepting the gambit. Either 4.d3 or 4.d4 will give White the better winning chances. Careful play by White will ensure his opening advantage remains well into the middlegame. […]

Chessable’s Guide to Chess Openings (for White & Black)

opening guide

Quick overview Introduction to Chess Openings The opening is the initial stage of a chess game, i.e. the first 10-12 moves. The main aim of the opening is to develop one’s pieces, control the center, and get one’s king to safety (by castling). Then, the game enters the middlegame phase, where the main fight takes […]