Try the Dangerous Trompowsky Attack Today

Among the many contributions British chess players make to opening theory, the Trompowsky Attack is one of the most dangerous. The Trompowsky Attack takes your opponent out of their preferred defense to 1.d4 by side-stepping the King’s Indian Defense, Nimzo-Indian Defense, and Grunfeld Defense. Even if theory says the position is equal, you have drawn […]

Four Knights Game: Opening Guide for White & Black

The Four Knights Game dates back to the middle of the 19th Century and was a favored chess opening of Capablanca, Tarrasch, and other top players between the 1850s and 1930s. The Four Knights Opening comprises natural developing moves, making it an excellent chess opening for beginners. This is a sound chess opening because it […]

Playing the Grand Prix Attack Against the Sicilian

Combining aggression with positional play, the Grand Prix Attack provides white with a sound, dangerous system against the Sicilian Defense. The mainstay of White’s strategy is the kingside attack, often spearheaded with f5. Despite its simplicity, this attacking plan has proven extremely challenging for black to defend against, with many strong players unable to find […]

Orthoschnapp Gambit: Opening Guide for White and Black

FM Dennis Monokroussos described the Latvian Gambit as “possibly the worst opening in chess.” If he is correct, then the Orthoschnapp Gambit must surely come a close second. The Orthoschnapp Gambit is played against the French Defense. Yes, white gets some attacking chances by creating a queen and bishop battery aimed at f7, but this […]

Nakhmanson Gambit: Opening Guide for White and Black

So you stumbled across the Nakhmanson Gambit and are considering playing it in your next blitz game. That’s very brave of you. The Nakhmanson Gambit works exceptionally well if black gets greedy. Unfortunately, if black restrains himself, white is faced with attacking a solid position while a pawn down. This gambit has elements of all […]

Urusov Gambit: Opening Guide for White & Black

In most gambits, one side offers a pawn for capture, but in the Urusov Gambit, black can choose between capturing either the e4 or d4-pawn. The Urusov Gambit is a great surprise weapon that adds excitement and energy to the Bishop’s Opening. Why not shake things up by offering a second pawn for capture instead […]

Halloween Gambit (Opening Guide for White & Black)

The Halloween Gambit is a tricky opening for white to play in the Four Knights Game that treats black to an almost winning advantage as early as the fourth move. The Halloween Gambit is a chess opening where white sacrifices a knight to capture Black’s e5-pawn. In this gambit, the material won by black is […]

Wayward Queen Attack & Defense for Beginners

The wayward queen attack is a direct attack upon Black’s weakest square, f7, with White’s strongest attacking piece-the queen. Black Plays 3…g6 The starting position of the Wayward Queen Attack arises after 1.e4 e5 2.Qh5 2…Nc6 3.Bc4 g6 4.Qf3 Nf6 Although the queen looks aggressively placed on f3, white has lost time. Black now has […]

Torre Attack – The Ultimate Opening Guide for White & Black

The Torre Attack is a dangerous weapon for white against one of Black’s favorite moves against 1.d4, namely 1…Nf6. The Torre Attack works particularly well if black continues with 2…e6 because 3.Bg5 pins the knight. Since in many openings, including the Torre Attack, the e4 advance is crucial for white, pinning the knight on f6 […]

Ponziani Opening – How to Play as White & Black

There is a chess opening for white that has unjustly been given a bad reputation. Turn this to your advantage by being one of the few to see its merits and start playing the Ponziani Opening today.

Chess Opening Basics: The Catalan Opening

The Catalan Opening is a dangerous, positional weapon for white that should not be underestimated. Becoming familiar with the main strategies in this opening will not only help you play it better but teach you a lot about controlling the center and power of the fianchettoed bishop.

Danish Gambit – How to Play as White and Black

The Danish Gambit is a romantic gambit where White sacrifices one or even two pawns to gain a lead in development and an open position for the bishops to attack Black’s king. Quick summary: Giving up a pawn is not something to do lightly, so make sure you understand what you are gaining in return […]