Chessable Scientist Karel van Delft Honored as ‘Chess Educator of the Year’

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It’s the bedrock of all chess play, yet it often goes underappreciated amid the glory of dramatic tournaments and online blitz streaming: chess education. But each year, the University of Texas at Dallas takes time to honor the extraordinary members of the chess community who contribute to the royal game in this most fundamental and […]

Bouncebackability – Nurturing the Gift of Resilience

Professor Barry Hymer’s new blog post examines the art of resilience. How can we bounce back after a chess defeat? It doesn’t have to be the Knightmare we often think it is. Bouncebackability – Nurturing the Gift of Resilience There is an old Afrikaans saying which has equivalents in many other languages: Wat nie dood […]

#ThankYouDad Challenge!

Father’s Day fast approaches – and we are inviting you to take part in our brand new #ThankYouDad Challenge! Time to get ready for the big day on Sunday 20 June. Regular readers may recall our celebration of Mother’s Day and today, together with our friends at, are proud to unveil our celebratory new […]

How to Inoculate Yourself Against Mistakes

We return to the subject of chess and science today, with a guest post by Nate Solon on How to Inoculate Yourself Against Mistakes. Inoculations are certainly in fashion at the moment, but can we take preventative measures against chess mistakes? How to Inoculate Yourself Against Mistakes There’s a saying that generals are always preparing to fight the […]

El pensamiento en movimiento: por qué vale la pena pensar en tu forma de pensar

Tu lectura de fin de semana está aquí, ya que presentamos una nueva publicación de blog del profesor Barry Hymer, el Jefe de Ciencia de Chessable. En la publicación de hoy, el profesor Hymer revela uno de sus mayores arrepentimientos antes de hablar de varios asuntos como por qué debemos privilegiar el proceso sobre el […]

Thinking Moves: Why It’s Worth Thinking About Your Thinking

Your weekend reading is here, as we present a new blog post by Professor Barry Hymer, the Chief of Science for Chessable. In today’s post, Professor Hymer reveals one of his greatest regrets before discussing various matters such as why we should privilege process over product, the complexity of chess and the importance of making good moves. Are you ready to start thinking […]

Making the Next Move: Advice for Newcomers

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Today I am tackling the important subject of making the next move. You may know the very basics, but what should be your next steps? Did you enjoy watching The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix? Were you drawn into the world of the 64 squares for the first time? Did the show pique your interest and […]

Impatient to Improve? That Could Be The Problem

Impatient to improve? We all know the feeling. Your weekend reading is here, as we return to the  fascinating world of science with a new post by Professor Barry Hymer, our Chessable Science Consultant. Paying attention to our diet is similar to the art of finding time to study endgames. They are both things we know we should do, […]

Training With Toggl Update

We recently posted about how to track your training with Toggl, with blog guest Martin B. Justesen sharing some of his thoughts from The Say Chess Blog. We promised to revisit the subject and here is Martin’s update. The first part ended with the words: ‘When you start tracking you can follow your weekly progress and see how you spend […]

Track your Training with Toggl

Your weekend reading is here as today we present a guest post on the subjects of deep chess training and how to track your training with Toggl. Martin B. Justesen, an adult chess improver from Denmark, is our guest writer for today. Martin is sharing some thoughts from The Say Chess Blog. Martin’s new book, Blindfold […]

Trigger Happy? Why Spaced Repetition Learning is Nothing Like School

Beginner chess player holding his hand over black chess pieces

Today we bring you a special guest post by Professor Barry Hymer, the Chessable Science Consultant, on the subject of spaced repetition. Professor Hymer will already be familiar to our regular readers, due to his previous articles on the subjects of Chess and the Science of Learning and Learning: A Marathon, Not a Sprint. Additionally, Professor Hymer […]

My plan to make it to IM, by Andrzej Krzywda

Chigorin’s famous epigram “Even a poor plan is better than no plan at all” is a bit of a cliche in chess. But for Chessable member Andrzej Krzywda, aka andrzejkrzywda, it is the gospel – because Andrzej is a man who has found having a plan really, really works. As chess learners thirsty for inspiration, you […]