The Science of Learning

Professor Barry Hymer

Professor Barry Hymer, already known to our readers for his excellent and popular Science-related blog posts, is now the Chief of Science for Chessable. To commemorate this news, Professor Hymer has produced a White Paper for Chessable on The Science of Learning, which can be viewed, downloaded and shared from here and also from our dedicated Chessable Science […]

How Good Are Your Chess Skills?

We left you last Friday with four positions to ponder, all of which are included in our course, Test Your Chess Skills, by Sarhan Gulieva and Logman Guliev. Hopefully you managed to complete your homework in good time, because today we present the answers. Position One Question: Is White’s position: A. winning; B. hopeless; C. equal? Answer: White […]

Chessable Science Project

How would you like to take part in a Chessable Science Project? Here at Chessable, we have a reputation for utilising science in our ongoing quest to improve the chess learning experience. Our guest posts by Professor Barry Hymer are very popular with our readers. The most recent one, Trigger Happy? Why Spaced Repetition Learning is […]