30+ Ways to Checkmate in Chess

Ways to Checkmate

Quick Summary This post examines 31 checkmate patterns players should study. It looks at all sorts of checkmates, with a brief history of them and practical examples from games or common positions. Ranging from basic and common to rare and complex, studying these mates will help you with your overall game. Introduction We are foregoing […]

The Jerome Gambit Opening Guide for White and Black

Jerome Gambit

The Jerome Gambit- what is there to say about this crazy opening?

It is quite possible that you have never heard of it. That is because it is a completely refuted opening, and has never been in fashion among top players. Does that mean you should not play it?

Chess Pattern Recognition – Improve From Zero to Hero

There is no other place to start any journey than where you are now! No matter how poorly you believe your chess pattern recognition skills are, you can improve them. To get your heroic journey off to a good start, learn: Chess tactics exist in all chess games rgardless of your skill-level. Chess pattern recognition […]

Best Chess Formations to Win Games Consistently

Chess Formations

If you are already familiar with basic pawn terminology and pawn formations, you may be curious as to what structures and formations arise from common openings, and the ideas behind such structures.

How I Went from 300 to 1500 Elo in 9 Months

How I went from 300 to 1500 elo

In this post, guest writer Alex Crompton shares how he increased his rating from 300 to 1500 points in just 9 months, starting from complete beginner level as an adult. Understanding that most beginner-level games come down to tactics, Crompton designed and stuck with a smart training plan to build tactical fluency  – the ability […]

How to Win at Chess – Like a Pro!

Win at Chess

Many chess beginners often start by wondering how they can deliver a quick checkmate to win at chess. Many people start out playing casually against their family members and are looking for that first win.

The Alapin Variation: Playing the Anti-Sicilian as White and Black

Alapin Variation

Quick Summary: The Alapin Variation is a response to the Sicilian Defense and arises after 1.e4 c5 2.c3. It falls under the category of openings known as an “Anti-Sicilian”. The chief idea behind 2.c3 is to thrust the d-pawn to d4 and hope to achieve an ideal pawn center with pawns on e4 and d4. […]

The Bishop’s Opening – How to Play It as White and Black

The Bishop's Opening

Short Summary: The Bishop’s Opening arises from an open game (1.e4 e5) whereby White’s kingside bishop is developed to c4 on move 2. Though far less common than the King’s Knight Opening (2.Nf3) or the Vienna Game (2.Nc3), it is a solid opening that develops White’s kingside Bishop to an optimal square. The opening is […]