The 12 Greatest Chess Players of All Time

The Greatest Chess Players of All Time

Quick Summary: Who are the Greatest Chess Players of All Time? The greatest chess players of all time is a bone of much contention among chess fans the world over, and the source of many hours of (hopefully friendly) debate!  Much of the discussion should take into account a series of key questions: How to […]

Computers vs Humans in Chess: Who is Better?

Chess engine neural networks

Who’s the winner of computers vs humans in chess? At first, this seems like a question that can be answered in the blink of an eye. If we consider chess as a purely competitive endeavour, and our only goal to win the game, the obvious answer is: computers. Alternatively, this question could open up a […]

Bogoljubov Plays the Bogo-Indian

Yesterday, we looked at the basics of the Bogo-Indian Defense. Today we turn back the clock to see how the great Efim Bogoljubov, the man after whom the variation is named, played the defense. It is interesting to see him using different strategies across today’s three games, which shows the flexibility offered by the Bogo-Indian Defense. […]

Proof of Work Challenge

Grandmaster Simon Williams is certainly keeping himself very busy. Hot on the heels of the release of this week’s Chessable course on Grandmaster Gambits 1. e4 – Part 2: Aggressive Lines (written by Simon together with International Master Richard Palliser) comes the new Proof of Work Challenge. The Machines Play Chess This course is free and it […]

Choose to Challenge: International Women’s Day

Tomorrow, 8 March, is International Women’s Day. Before we return to the specific world of chess, it is useful to put the occasion into context and to understand the aims of the day. The History of the Day The day was created following the proposal of Clara Zetkin at the 1910 International Conference of Working […]

Paul Morphy & The Opera Game

Some games of chess are so famous that they even have their own names, such as The Opera Game, as played by American chess superstar, Paul Morphy. Paul Morphy (1837-1884) was a man ahead of his time. In terms of chess talent, he stood head and shoulders above every other player. Winning the First American […]