The King’s Indian Attack – How to Play It as White and Black

King's Indian Attack Chessable Guide

Quick Summary: The King’s Indian Attack is not a specific opening per se, but rather a flexible opening system for White which can be used against a variety of defenses The King’s Indian Attack is characterized by a kingside fianchetto, pawns on d3 and e4, and knights on f3 and d2 The King’s Indian Attack […]

A Tricky Line in The Symmetrical English

We round off this week’s coverage of 1.c4 c5 with a look at a tricky and interesting line in the Symmetrical English. On Tuesday, when we examined the basics of the opening, I mentioned that Bobby Fischer liked to break the symmetry as Black, which helped him to create winning chances. 1.c4 c5 2.Nc3 Nc6 […]

Spring Clean Your Chess

‘The sun is shining where clouds have been Maybe it’s something to do with Spring!’ Noël Coward, 1932 Time for the Big Spring Clean It is time for the big Spring clean! I am sure there are plenty of people out there who would prefer to study chess rather than tend to the housework. Believe me, […]

Who is the Real Beth Harmon of Chess?

Beth Harmon in Netflix's The Queen's Gambit

Chess has enjoyed a surge in popularity since The Queen’s Gambit debuted on Netflix in late October, 2020, with reports of chess sets selling out and record numbers googling how to play chess. The combination of rags-to-riches drama, 1960s aesthetic, and fine acting from lead Anya Taylor-Joy, amongst others, helped make The Queen’s Gambit both […]

13 famous chess games from world chess champions & what you can learn

Studying famous chess games can raise your overall understanding and feel for the game. Every game is a chance to learn a bit about everything: from tactics and strategy, positional play, opening theory, to endgame technique. You get to see the interplay between different elements in chess (often studied in isolation) and how the master uses them […]