Urusov Gambit: Opening Guide for White & Black

In most gambits, one side offers a pawn for capture, but in the Urusov Gambit, black can choose between capturing either the e4 or d4-pawn. The Urusov Gambit is a great surprise weapon that adds excitement and energy to the Bishop’s Opening. Why not shake things up by offering a second pawn for capture instead […]

The Bishop’s Opening – How to Play It as White and Black

The Bishop's Opening

Short Summary: The Bishop’s Opening arises from an open game (1.e4 e5) whereby White’s kingside bishop is developed to c4 on move 2. Though far less common than the King’s Knight Opening (2.Nf3) or the Vienna Game (2.Nc3), it is a solid opening that develops White’s kingside Bishop to an optimal square. The opening is […]