Zugzwang in Chess (The Beginner’s Guide)

Zugzwang: a Beginner's Guide

TL;DR – What is Zugzwang in chess? Zugzwang is a chess concept that describes a position in which you are forced to make a bad move. This occurs due to the nature of the game of chess (you cannot pass your turn) and the fact that you may find yourself in a position where the […]

The Ultimate English Opening (1.c4) Guide

The English Opening first move, 1.c4

Choosing the right chess opening to learn can be a taxing process. Some are fun but too dubious, others are solid but lack excitement, and worst of all, there are those that are frustratingly dependent on your opponent playing into your preparation. But what if I told you there was another way: a highly respected […]

The 10 Best Chess Openings for Black

Top 10 openings for Black

Chess players have been debating the best openings (for Black and White) for years. If you ask five different players what the best opening for Black is, you could easily come away with five different answers. The fact is, deciding what the best opening for Black is depends on several different factors, including what kind […]

How to Play Bird’s Opening

How to play Bird's Opening

If you spend enough time reading chess articles, tuning into chess streams, or attempting to study with a chess book (hint: it’s easier with Chessable), it won’t be long until you are sagely advised: “Never play a chess opening named after an animal.” See also: “Don’t move your f-pawn too soon”. And maybe you take […]

The Ultimate Queen’s Pawn Opening Guide

A 1.d4 opening, or queen's pawn opening to a chess game.

Tl;dr: A whirlwind tour through the 1.d4 opening universe, covering common systems and responses, the concepts you need to know, helpful resources to optimize your study, and an immortal 1.d4 game to inspire you to queen’s pawn opening greatness. Introduction: The Ultimate Queen’s Pawn (1.d4) Opening Guide There are some choices you have to make […]

10 Chess Openings for Beginners

French Defense

As a chess player, you have to know your openings. Not only is it possible to lose a game in less than 10 moves (think of Scholar’s Mate), but the moves you make in the opening set the course for the rest of the game. You don’t want to enter the middlegame hobbled with some […]

Essential Chess Opening Principles for Absolute Beginners

Essential Chess Opening Principles for Chess Beginners Principles for Chess B

We get it. Chess can be tough, especially as a beginner. Lost in a sea of potential decisions, crushing doubts, and with no guiding light to show the way, many chess beginners end up randomly moving pawns and getting stuck in a losing position within the first few moves. Maybe you’ve come here after a […]

Chess Tips for Beginners: 5 Ways to Improve Your Game

Beginner chess player holding his hand over black chess pieces

So you’ve learned the basic moves of chess and have played a bunch of games, and you’ve decided that you want to get better at this beautiful game. Where do you start? Chess tips for beginners of course! Over the last few years, I’ve taught and observed new and beginning players as they develop in […]

Consejos de ajedrez para principiantes: 5 formas de mejorar tu juego

Beginner chess player holding his hand over black chess pieces

Consejos de ajedrez para principiantes: 5 formas de mejorar tu juego Así que has aprendido los movimientos básicos del ajedrez, has jugado un montón de juegos, y has decidido que quieres mejorar en este hermoso juego. ¿Por dónde empiezas? ¡Consejos de ajedrez para principiantes, por supuesto! Durante los últimos años, he enseñado y observado a […]