The Réti Opening: How to Play It as White and Black

The Réti Opening after the moves 1.Nf3 d5 2.c4.

TL;DR — The Réti Opening  The Réti Opening is one of the most versatile and flexible chess openings out there. Played by intermediate players and up to the highest level, this opening sets up a strategic and serious fight of a chess game.  It is a hypermodern, flank opening. By holding back their central pawns […]

Grandmaster Colovic on How to Win Opens

We are delighted to present a new blog post by Grandmaster Alex Colovic. Today, in a post which will have special relevance to club and tournament players, he shares his thoughts on how to be successful in Open tournaments. How To Win Opens I started playing opens throughout Europe in the mid 90s of the last century. One of the […]

A Daily Training Routine

We always enjoy guest posts by Grandmaster Alex Colovic. This time, Alex’s offers thoughts on the art of training for tournaments. Daily Routine I write this as I finished my one hour of tactical exercises. This used to be my routine when I was playing often; I would do at least one hour of tactical exercises […]

Repetition of Moves

We are delighted to present a new guest post by Grandmaster Alex Colovic. As always, Alex tackles an unusual subject with honesty and style, challenging conventional wisdom to encourage independent thinking. Repetition of Moves In this post I would like to share my views on a theme that is quite common in nearly every game of tournament chess, […]

Improving as an Adult

How can chess players set about improving as an adult? We are delighted to bring you a new guest post by Grandmaster Alex Colovic. Alex’s posts are always full of sound advice, usually with an intriguing twist. Today, for example, we are asked to reconsider what we think about entering our ‘comfort zone.’ Improving as an Adult You don’t need research […]

Chess – An Older Person’s Game?

We return to the fascinating world of science in today’s post, as we look beyond the myths to find out whether chess is really an older person’s game. Of course, we hear the contrary very often indeed. How do the myths compare to the reality of the situation? Let us see what Professor Barry Hymer, […]

My plan to make it to IM, by Andrzej Krzywda

Chigorin’s famous epigram “Even a poor plan is better than no plan at all” is a bit of a cliche in chess. But for Chessable member Andrzej Krzywda, aka andrzejkrzywda, it is the gospel – because Andrzej is a man who has found having a plan really, really works. As chess learners thirsty for inspiration, you […]