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We have some positions to ponder for your weekend reading.

The option of being able to test your chess skills on multi-choice questions can certainly set the old gray matter thinking.

The late, great chess coach, tutor and trainer Bob Wade was a keen advocate of such questions and, of course, countless television quiz shows use the popular format. The correct answer is always there, in front of your eyes! But which one is it? This format can help to replicate the thinking process from over the board. One often has a choice of candidate moves, or moments where an accurate assessment of a position is critical to help determine the best course of action.

Test Your Chess Skills by Sarhan Gulieva and Logman Guliev started life as a traditional book published by New in Chess but it has now been given the Chessable treatment, complete with our MoveTrainer™ facility. The course presents numerous test positions with a multi-choice set of answers.

Here are four positions to think about, all of which can be found in the course. A word of warning: we are not revealing the answers until next week, so only give them a try if you are definitely wanting to improve your chess thinking skills.

Position One

Is White Winning?

Is White’s position: A. winning; B. hopeless; C. equal?


Position Two

Test Your Chess Skills

What would you play: A. 12…Nb6; B. 12…Qe7; C. 12…Ne8 ?


Position Three

Chess Test

Is Black’s position: A. hopeless; B. winning; C. equal?


Position Four

Position to Ponder

Is White’s position: A. better; B. worse; C. equal?

The answers to our set of positions to ponder will follow next week.

Chessable Course

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Test Your Chess Skills

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