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You may not have noticed, but we’ve been working around the clock to find new ways to improve your chess training.

Yes, quite literally around the clock.

That’s because our new feature allows you more freedom to fiddle with the time you have for each puzzle or variation you want to learn.

We are pleased to announce our latest new feature: the unlimited time button. Because time can wait for a chessman, or woman.

You can find it here:

Our new feature: the unlimited time button
Our new feature: the unlimited time button

Can’t find that page? Simply click “browse” to go inside a book and see these options:

How to find the timer button
How to find the timer button

This neat little addition designed by our developer Simon Wuttke allows you give yourself as much time as you need on any book chapter or set of variations. It is easy to find – on the right of the screen – and easy to toggle.

And remember, you can still set the clock for whatever time you want – it doesn’t have to be left on the default.

The point of this is if you’re finding a particular book tricky – and some of them really are – or you just don’t like being hurried along then this new addition can effectively turn off the timer so it doesn’t hurry you along.

It’s only a small change, but from the feedback we think it’s clear that often it’s these fiddly little things that make a big difference.

Coming up we’ve got more book launches and some grander features in the pipeline (more on that next month!), but in the meantime we hope you like this new bit of control you have over your chess learning.

And, of course, we are keen to hear any more ideas you have to make this site better.

Have a good day.

The Chessable team.

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