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Hello chess fans, we have a few nice little updates to our brilliant chess learning platform to report!

Admittedly, they’re not going to completely rock your world but we hope these tweaks will make using Chessable just that little bit better.

Most of the ideas have actually been suggested by our users – we’re just responding to some good feedback.

So here goes, we have:

1. A new tactics option

After several of users requested this and pointed out it would be very helpful, we’ve decided to create a new option setting for tactics that will allow you to hide the solution if you fail a puzzle.

So, for example, if you are really serious and you want to work out every one of our 1001 Chess Exercises for Beginners book without any help, you can toggle this.

Of course, at Chessable we believe failing is a big part of chess learning but with this function you can force yourself to complete each puzzle as if your game depends on it (which may well be the case at some point).

Here’s what you’ll see when you get a tactic wrong:


The tactics tweak in action
The tactics tweak in action

To find this option, go to Settings > Study and then select No when asked: When studying tactics, should we show you the solution on failure?

Job done.

2. Our wishlist forum

Is there a book you’ve been longing to get on Chessable?

Perhaps it’s a new book that you’re itching to read, or an old classic that you think could really make a difference to your game.

If there is, now you can let us know on our new book request forum.

Stick a request on there and if it gets upvoted by other users we will look into it. We can’t promise to publish every book because it very much depends on whether the publisher will let us, but we will try.

We are hoping this forum will mean you, collectively, can tell us what books would be good on Chessable.

So here it is in all its glory.

Please do start recommending!

3. Pause/unpause option

Now this IS good!

If you’ve been left a little frustrated at having to wade through lots of variations or puzzles you don’t want to learn, already know, or want to learn later then this is the update for you.

We have added pause/unpause alternatives in the chapter options for every book allowing you to pause all alternative lines you don’t want in one fell swoop.

It means if you want to learn a specific opening variation or set of patterns in a tactics book you can either pause others chapters en masse to leave the ones you want to learn, or pause everything you want to learn and then unpause any variations you do want to.

Here’s what to look for (courtesy of David and his Snipping Tool skills):

The new pause function
The new pause function

We think this is an update well worth using for those of you who don’t necessarily want to follow the structure of a book, or who just want to dive in to master something specific.

4. ACF ratings (finally)

If you’re a user from Down Under you may have been wondering why we you can put an ECF, Fide or USCF rating on your profile but not an Australian Chess Federation rating.

Well, after it had been requested several times, now you can.  ACF ratings rank alongside, FIDE, ECF and the German DWZ rating system.

Sorry for not doing it sooner. Fair dinkum.

And that’s it for now – but rest assured we’re already working on our next bunch of tweaks, and the next round of new Chessable books.

Coming up soon we have something completely different… we’ll let you know more when we can.

Keep the suggestions coming – we are listening!

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