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Malcolm Pein focuses on an excellent and entertaining Korolkov and Mirtofanov study in today’s Daily Telegraph column.

A chess study is a composed position with a stated task. Sometimes it will be a forced win and other times it will be a draw.

Just as we have tournaments and champions in the world of chess playing, so too do we have competitions for chess studies. There is not as much a crossover as one would think and some of the most famous composers of chess studies made little impact in over-the-board chess.

Famous chess players who have also produced excellent studies are a rare breed, but they do include former World Champion Vasily Smyslov and former title challenger Jan Timman.

Studies are deep and can be difficult. However, they can also have a beneficial effect on one’s powers of analysis.

If you are new to studies you may find this one difficult, but Malcolm’s annotations will help you appreciate some of the finer details. Try and solve the final piece of the study, given in the fourth diagram.

Malcolm Pein on...a Korolkov Study

I hope you enjoyed today’s Korolkov and Mitrofanov study.

Tune in tomorrow for Malcolm Pein’s next chess column.

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