Latest Developments: What’s New at Chessable?


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In chess, we always need to keep an eye on the latest developments. It simply won’t do to allow oneself to fall behind when everyone else is keeping up to date.

Today, however, we are not going to examine the latest developments in the sharpest lines of the Najdorf Sicilian. This time we are going to go inward, to find out what has been happening behind the scenes as we find out the answer to the question: what’s new at Chessable?

We present information from the inside, covering all the latest developments regarding both the web and mobile platforms.

Your help is required for the next set of developments, so please head to our portals to have your say, using the links given below.

Web Platform


  • Website in Spanish and German launched –> you can now change your language to Spanish or German
  • Reminder to our discussion and contribution rules on the forum has been launched
  • Custom chess piece design in your MoveTrainer® settings has been added so users have the ability to choose between three themes


Chessable Science Page


Bug Fixes and Infrastructural Improvements

  • The team has started to make a push to use graphql which will make querying easier and improve performance across the platform
  • The team is working on regression testing and more realistic testing meaning we will be able to launch features more quickly in the future that are at a high standard of quality

What is Planned?

Check out our portal to see what we’re building next! Please feel free to give feedback and vote on what you think is important.


Mobile Platform


  • iPad rotation
  • Progress screen improvements so the progress screen fits better to the screen


Chessable Mobile App
Click on the image to find the App

Bug Fixes and Infrastructural Changes

  • The team has been working on a design system which will make components easily reusable and will ultimately speed up development
  • Error when users were logging out has been fixed
  • Users were blocked when two colors were available for training, and couldn’t train anything
  • Video was broken on iPads but has now been fixed
  • Highlight legal moves setting was not set as the default in the app, and now has been!
  • When a user clicked on the global settings, the app would crash. This has been fixed
  • The upgrade to pro screens were broken on iPhone SEs and now has been fixed


Latest Developments Android App

What is planned?

  • Ability to search for courses in both the dashboard and course shop
  • Android application for Android users!
  • Customise chess pieces and be able to choose out of three themes
  • Additional work on iPad optimisation to ensure smooth user experience on iPads
  • Customisable push notifications reminding you to study and telling you when you have new variations up for review
  • Streak freeze will be made more prominent and clear so you will know when it’s applied and active
  • The buttons covering the annotations will go away and we will change the design to a more efficient layout that is less distracting

We Need YOU!

Check out our portal to see what we’re building next! Please feel free to give feedback and vote on what you think is important.

Simply click here to find the portal. We look forward to hearing from you!

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