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Chessable has recently launched several new platform improvements to make your chess training easier and more efficient than ever before – we’re calling this wave of new features Chessable 3.0. All of these improvements aim to make the experience for Chessablers more intuitive with many new updates and features, some of which you might not have heard about.

This wave of upgrades marks the most significant change to Chessable since the release of MoveTrainer® 2.0 – and we hope it becomes the most significant catalyst to your chess potential. Let’s take a look at what’s new:

Offline Mode

One of the most significant and requested updates released with Chessable 3.0 has been Chessable’s new Offline Mode.

This feature is just what it sounds like. Now you can download your courses to study anywhere anytime. Have a bad connection in a tunnel on the train? Taking a long flight and wish you could study your favorite course? That’s all now possible thanks to Offline Mode. You can download and watch videos and train moves as you normally could as well.

Offline Mode is available exclusively for Chessable PRO members.

To use Offline Mode, simply enter into the Chessable app, enter a chapter you would like to download and the option to download video will appear.

Puzzle Connect

Tactics training is a cornerstone of chess improvement. Chessable’s Puzzle Connect takes tactics from your own games and creates personalized puzzles made especially for you. There really is no better way to train tactics!

That’s because you can train the tactical patterns that actually appear in your games, allowing you to gradually buff out any tactical weak spots in your game.

All you have to do is link your account from your preferred playzone, and Puzzle Connect will scan your games and give you tailored tactics puzzles to train.

If you’re a Chessable PRO member, you get the added benefit of getting 1,000 personalized puzzles through puzzle connect. Non-PRO members can use puzzle connect as well, but only get 10 puzzles to study.

It appears on your Dashboard just like any other Chessable course. Here’s an example:

Priority Lines

One feature users asked for and we delivered with Chessable 3.0 was the ability to study the lines they are most likely to face in their games.

Now with the new Priority Lines feature, you can do just that. All opening courses on Chessable have an option to select the most important lines, or the ones you are most likely to come across when playing.

There are two ways Priority Lines does this; the first is via Chessable’s newly developed algorithm, which scans an online database of openings to determine which variations are most relevant in a given opening. This method is available for all opening courses.

The second way is via variations the author has chosen, i.e. variations they determine are most pertinent to the opening.

It’s an excellent feature to help you narrow down your study focus, particularly if you are strapped for time. Try it out on your favorite opening course.

To enable priority lines, go to “Learn” on your chosen course and enter MoveTrainer® for a given chapter. A check box will appear on the pull out menu on the left, allowing you to select “Priority lines only”:

Alternatively, you can enable Priority Lines on the course Chapters page. Access the course Chapters page, scroll down to the Course Settings box on the right-hand side. On the Learn drop-down menu, select Priority Only. After the page reloads, you should see that the number of variations in the course drops.

If you would like to know more about how the Priority Lines feature works, read about it on the blog here


Additional benefits for Chessable PRO members

Another key feature of Chessable 3.0 is the expanded benefits Chessable PRO members now enjoy.

Chessable wants to make sure that all PRO members are really getting maximum benefit with their membership, and therefore we are adding new benefits for PRO members.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, such as more Puzzle Connect exercises and Offline Mode, there are several old and new perks to being a Chessable PRO member.

For starters, you’ll get an automatic discount of 20% off any course in our catalog, every day of the year.

You’ll also have access to as many free courses as you’d like in your Chessable dashboard. Compare this to the limit of 5 for non-PRO members.

You also get access to courses only available for PRO members, such as exclusive free Short & Sweet courses, and courses that give you an inside look into important tournaments, such as last year’s Chess Candidates 2022 course.

And there are several more small features you get with a PRO membership to help you study. Some examples include the ability to track difficult moves, set custom study depth, unlimited explorer depth, the ability to customize the chess set and board, plus much more!

We hope all these new features help you continue to improve your game, and as always, we are eager to hear your feedback!

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