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Dear Chessable learners, today I’d like to wish you all happy and prosperous new year! I also wanted to continue our tradition of year in review and offer you a little spoiler for the year to come.

Before I do that, I wanted to give you all a big thanks for being part of our journey, you’ve been amazing. Your feedback and continued support have helped us achieve ever-greater heights:

  1. We’ve grown from 30,000 to 50,000 members
  2. We’ve grown from 6.4 million positions mastered to 17.3 million
  3. We’ve got a growing catalogue of interactive courses with amazing works by renowned trainers like Jacob Aagaard and Mark Dvoretsky now available
  4. We’ve released the ever so popular “video-sync” format, fully powered by AI. This means we can easily sync video to your favourite Chessable course
  5. We’ve kept working on the MoveTrainer, improving the design, adding customisable features where possible and more, you can check out our changelog here
  6. One of our students, won a silver medal in the World Cadet Championships
  7. We announced our upcoming coaching platform
  8. And of course… one of our Chessable MoveTrainer courses became a print book. How awesome is that?!

While all of the above is worth celebrating, last year has been far from perfect. The amazing growth in activity we’ve experienced in the last half a year or so has really stretched our small team. I can only apologise to you if you’ve experienced slow response times, missed our presence in the discussions, or were disappointed by our publishing schedule.

We’ve reached the top 80,000 most popular sites on the web, the ever growing traffic from July onwards shows the ever-growing popularity of Chessable. Chess.com is #623; we’ve got some way to go! We are still a relatively well-kept secret 😉

Some of the things above were out of our control, for instance, Super GM Harikrishna has broken his arm delaying his awesome new course (get better soon Hari!!), but on some things, we could be doing better.

This is why we’ve already recruited one extra full-time team member, Geert van der Velde, our new Publishing Manager! We are set to recruit a few more team members very soon (feel free to drop us your resume/c.v. if you are interested hello [at] chessable.com). We will meet this new year with increased resources and a hunger to bring you more of what you love. We will up our game even more.

It is my pleasure to announce that as part of our expansion plans, we will now be able to bring you MoveTrainer 2.0. We want it to be available not only as a new web app, but as an iOS and Android app too. We’ll reveal more as soon as we work out the fine details, for now, let’s just say, many of the things you’ve been asking for will be part of this awesome update with a first release tentatively scheduled for mid-2019.

Thanks again, and wishing you great success with your chess improvement, and beyond!

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