Erick Zhao: The 10-year-old Chessable user who bagged World Cadets silver


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When we heard about Erick Zhao we were amazed.

Erick, aged 10, is a talented kid who has worked extremely hard. And at the 2018 World Cadets Chess Championship in Santiago that hard work really paid off.

Erick Zhao and NH Britt Ryerson

Erick finished with the silver medal – just missing out on gold – after racking up a hugely-impressive score in the U10 Open for Team USA.

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He started the tournament ranked number 13 and finished with 9/11, with his only loss coming in round 5 against Chinese player Li Yihao.

He beat three CMs along the way to a rating performance of 2015. And remember, he’s 10!

Erick Zhao, remember the name

Erick attends an after-school club for chess and math called the Logic Lab of Tutoring in Gainesville, Florida, run by NM Britt Ryerson and he’s an avid Chessable user.

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In fact, Erick isn’t the only Chessable user in the club – Britt, who is training the team for the nationals, has got them all using it.

Britt told us our chess learning platform is “doing the hard work for us, getting us ready for tactics”. We really hope they do well!

We caught up with him to find out how things are going:

And, if you want to look at some of Erick’s games from the tournament, here are a couple:

Erick’s games

Round 2: Nicolas Perossa Vs Erich Zhao

Round 11: Maksim Volkov Vs Erick Zhao

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