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Dodgy Halloween
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Daniil Dubov – a.k.a. Scary Surprise – won the Monster Mystery Tournament last night, securing a $500 first prize and the title of most convincing scary clown ever to play online blitz. 

Staying true to his costume by wildly bobbing his head throughout the final match, Dubov took down Gawain Jones, a.k.a. Plague Doctor, with a perfect score. 

But Dubov wasn’t the only one to win – users tuning in to guess the identities of the players also scored some tricks and treats this Halloween.

So who were the players in the end?

Daniil Dubov as Scary Surprise

Gawain Jones as Plague Doctor

Nils Grandelius as Scarecrow

Sam Shankland as Scary Clown

David Howell as Wild Unicorn

Laurent Fressinet as Miminou Ghost

Max Warmerdam as Alien

Olexandr Bortnyk as Joker

To watch a replay of the event and find out what users won the guessing contest, check out the chess24 Wall post here

Thanks to everyone who watched and participated, and Happy Halloween!

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