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This week we’re launching our Staff Picks Sale! It’s no secret that our staff members are some of our most active Chessable users. Part of the job, after all, is a love of educational chess material. So we’re taking the opportunity to highlight some of the authors and courses that our staff members really love. Here’s a taste of what’s in the full sale, which has over 70 courses in total.

First up, Head of Chessable Geert van der Velde chose Adhiban’s Lifetime Repertoire 1. b3 as his favorite course. He refused to elaborate and kept yelling about “b3 cowboys”. Hopefully the course speaks for itself.

Geert’s honorable mentions:

Checkmate Patterns Manual

How to Reassess Your Chess

50-Day Tactics Challenge

Queens of the Chess Board

Fortunately, Publishing Manager Rok Novak did actually respond with an explanation of why The Psychology of Chess Tactics by NM fdunne made it to the top of his list.

“For any amateur chess player, the training mantra should be: tactics, tactics, tactics. The caveat is that it’s crucially important to do tactics mindfully and become introspective about your decisions.

All five of my picks are courses that help the student build up precisely those sorts of good training habits. I made this one my top pick because it is a genuinely fun and easy-going entry to this genre. And it’s important to start with something fun—you are much more likely, then, to not merely start but also finish.”

Rok’s honorable mentions:

Mastering Chess Defense

Chess for Zebras: Thinking Differently about Black and White

Dynamism in Chess

VP of Content (and also a Chessable author!) Maaike Keetman wanted to highlight “The Art of…” series by CM Can Kabadayi.

“Can has created a unique series, where each course focuses on one specific (strategic) skill. Focusing on one thing at a time and solving the exercises really helps you to improve, and will help you to spot these strategies in your own games as well!”

Maaike’s honorable mentions:

Small Steps to Giant Improvement

Chess Principles Reloaded series

Master Your Chess with Judit Polgar

My First Opening Repertoire: 1. e4

Matt Astle is one of our Chessable writers and a regular contributor to this blog. His pick is the 50-day Tactics Challenge by GM Valeriy Aveskulov & FM Sergey Tugaj, which really helped him to improve his own game.

“Honestly, I love Valeriy’s explanations. He’s got this really friendly and personable delivery that really helps explain the tactical concepts and the way this course is structured motivates you to do a little bit of tactics every day.”

Matt’s honorable mentions:

Chess Bootcamp: Beyond the Basics

The Scotch Gambit Starter Kit

The Club Player’s Black Repertoire: 1. d4 d5

Master Your Endgames with Judit Polgar

And last but certainly not least, Associate Director Ansar Bajwa chose The Yaac Attack – Caro Kann for Black by Yaacov Norowitz and Elijah Logozar.

“I came for the Caro-Kann lines but left with an improved understanding of chess as a whole. The duo of Yaacov and Elijah provides a unique learning experience; I never felt overwhelmed by the theory, and despite the compactness of the course, it felt like just the right amount for a player of my level to get out the door fighting.”

Ansar’s honorable mentions:

Everyone’s First Chess Workbook

The Principled Queen’s Gambit – Part 1

Fundamental Chess Calculation Skills

The Killer Dutch Rebooted

But wait, there’s more! There are dozens of courses on sale today from authors such as Matthew Sadler, Jeremy Silman, Judit Polgar and many more. Check out our Staff Picks Sale today.

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