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We are delighted to confirm the presence of two Chessable speakers at ChessTech2020.

The world’s premier chess conference takes place this weekend.

Chessable Speakers at ChessTech2020

Our Chessable Speakers

I don’t want to pre-empt the sessions too much as it will dilute the impact of the presentations. However, I can confirm David Beaton will be a significant speaker in the session on Developments in Chess Learning Technology.

Our Science Consultant, Professor Barry Hymer, will be presenting in the session on Using Chess Data for Science.

Shortly after I posted about ChessTech2020, exactly one week ago, ticket bookings moved from 250 to crash through the 400 barrier.

This is a very ambitious conference. Moving it from its standard London venue to the online world was a ‘forced move.’ However, chess technology is now more important than ever.

As the website says:

‘ChessTech 2020 is the first international conference covering the online and digital aspects of chess. See the latest advances in chess technology. Meet the pioneers of the new wave of chess software and systems. Get to know the developers of the next generation of chess apps. Stay tuned for new research on cheating and its various impacts on chess. After seven annual conferences with a focus on education, the London Chess conference moves online and shifts its focus to technology, while still maintaining the education connection.’

Weekend Programme

The programmes for both days are now available for your perusal. Click on a date to see what his happening on each day:

Saturday 5 December

Sunday 6 December

As can be seen from the programme, the conference features guest speakers from all over the world.

Topics include:

  • Cheating and Anti-cheating
  • ECF Book of the Year award
  • Streaming
  • Hybrid Events
  • Digital Strategy
  • Digital Formats
  • Online Learning Systems
  • Integrated Hardware
  • Playing Platforms
  • Let’s Make Chess Greener
  • Online Projects for Girls and Women
  • New Journalism Formats and much more

These are all interesting and intriguing subjects. I am certain the Chessable speakers at ChessTech2020 will make a significant contribution to the weekend.

There will be plenty of pioneering features to the conference. It will be very interesting to see how well everything works now it is online. I am sure there will be plenty of lessons for the future!

Tickets are still available – but be quick! The conference already has a record number of people on board and it is unclear how many more we can take.

A report on ChessTech2020 will follow next week.

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