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This guest post was brought to you by Vicky Miliou. She’s the training and development manager for Play Magnus Group. Below, she reports on the gender inclusiveness initiatives we’ve taken as a group. Take it away, Vicky!

The queen is considered the most powerful and iconic piece in our royal game. So it’s not surprising that chess players try to get more than one queen when given the chance. Like in chess and business, the female presence is essential, because they play a significant role in positively shaping any environment they’re in.

Now more than ever, organizations have a responsibility to support, retain and advance outstanding women into key leadership positions.

Embracing different ideas, perspectives and backgrounds is our cup of tea. Our everyday life in the company. Staying true to our diverse culture and values, we continuously push initiatives and create opportunities to establish equal standards for all our employees.

In honor of International Women’s Day, we invite you to join us as we empower women globally and promote equal gender opportunities throughout the group. Here’s what we’ve done so far:

  • Nearly doubled female leadership presence in our global scope, from 18% to 34%. Our female workforce also increased from 18% to 27.5%.

  • Proactive collaborations with engineering and technological bootcamps to help us find and hire more women in tech.

  • Coaching sessions which inspire and support women to take on managerial positions. Not only do these sessions promote confidence, they also help our female colleagues feel safe in navigating their careers within our tribe.

  • Promote work-life balance by offering the ability to work from home or adjust one’s schedule. The flexibility helps men and women take good care of their families and lead fruitful careers.

Moreover, women power our digital chess classrooms, which in turn inspire more women to be involved with chess. Seeing them build their confidence in a male-dominated field has become a weekly reality to us.

And let’s not forget the International Women’s Day Tournament, which added a nice and playful vibe to our worldwide celebration. 

Imagine a world where everyone has equal rights, freedom of speech, and the confidence to claim the life they deserve. All while pursuing the career which better suits them.

Well, in our company, imagination becomes reality. The chess board isn’t the only place where you can take control of your future. Because in every position and level inside our tribe, everyone has the freedom to find the place they can call home, and chase the opportunities they desire.

We are heading towards gender equality at every level. We embrace this year’s theme with open arms – “gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow.” And you can count on us to ensure that the women in our team (and those who will join) are celebrating every day!

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