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Magnus Carlsen Chess Tour

The Chessable Masters event is currently ongoing and you can follow all of the live action over at Chess24.

We can’t all reach the top of the chess world and play in such elite events. Today, however, it is time to take your place at the chess board and imagine you have a golden opportunity to beat the world’s best players in the Chessable Masters event.

Do you have the power to find the winning continuations from the following positions?

Some positions are trickier than others and, to keep you on your toes, they are not necessarily arranged in order of difficulty.

Chessable Masters Nepomniachtchi - Artemiev

Nepomniachtchi – Artemiev

Black played the natural-looking 25 …Rhe8. What did he miss?

Chessable Masters Dubov – Artemiev

Dubov – Artemiev

Black is losing but made one last attempt to turn the tables with 33 …Qe4.

Two questions:

  • What is Black’s threat?
  • What is the best move for White?

Winning Moves Grischuk – Harikrishna

Grischuk – Harikrishna

Black has just retreated the knight from e5 to d7. Which powerful move did Grischuk now play?

Carlsen – Nakamura

Carlsen – Nakamura

This position looks complicated, especially as both players have direct threats against their opponent’s knights. What did Carlsen play here?

Winning Moves Ding – Nakamura

Ding – Nakamura

Nakamura played 60 …Rh1. How did Ding exploit this mistake?

Chessable Masters Caruana – Giri

Caruana – Giri

Can you find Black’s winning move?

How well did you do in the Chessable Masters event? Find out on Wednesday, when we will post the answers.

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