Chessable has come a long way since we became part of the Play Magnus Group. And today shows us just how far.

We are pleased to announce the next stage of the Magnus Carlsen Chess Tour will be all about us and all about you!

The Chessable Masters line-up
The Chessable Masters line-up

The first Chessable Masters features 12 of the world’s best, including Magnus Carlsen, Hikaru Nakamura, Fabiano Caruana… etc. The line-up is stunning.

There are no fewer than seven of the players who took part in the ill-fated Candidates tournament in March, plus the World Champion. In fact, there are all of the world’s top 6.

However, this amazing online tournament will have a difference: it will be centered around learning and improving your chess, which is of course what Chessable is all about.

Watch the broadcasts on and you’ll see we have a whole program of activities planned.

You will also be able to find out more about our brilliant authors with a series of interviews.

We’ll have things like “opening of the day”, our favorite “learning moment of the day”, puzzles, challenges and a Chessable “move of the day”.

Tell us your learning stories with #studychess

The commentators for the Chessable Masters, Jan Gustafsson (himself a Chessable author), Peter Svidler (soon to be a Chessable author), and the rest, will explain exactly what’s going on with an opening for each round and show how you can use Chessable to learn from it.

And, we’re also collecting chess education stories throughout the event so if you’re on Twitter we’d ask if you can use the hashtag #studychess to share them. We want to hear how you learn!

Magnus Carlsen Chess Tour schedule
Magnus Carlsen Chess Tour schedule

The whole idea is to create a tournament centered around improving your chess. But, of course, there will also be some amazing top-class chess entertainment going on as well!

Cheer on Hari at the Chessable Masters

Nakamura and Carlsen will resume their rivalry, the young Russian Daniil Dubov will be trying to show he’s right up there now after winning the Lindores Abbey Rapid Challenge and then there’s Caruana back in the fray.

Not to mention our big entry – Chessable author and ambassador GM Pentala Harikrishna! Yes, our man is taking part and we will definitely be cheering him on (sorry, Magnus…) and looking out for his French Toast repertoire.

Harikrishna, the first Indian player invited onto the Tour, said: “I am excited to be invited to play in Chessable Masters which is also part of Magnus Carlsen Chess Tour.

“I am happy to play against the world’s best players in online events during lockdown. I am looking forward to putting on a good show!”

So join in this exciting new interactive event which starts on and runs from June 20 to July 5.

Like the Lindores tourney, there will be a prelim round then quarters, semis, and a final. Let’s hope Harikrishna gets there!

For more information, read the chess24 report here.


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