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Chessable is pleased to announce’s $2 million Champions Chess Tour return with the largest-ever edition of the Chessable Masters.

The tournament, sponsored by Chessable, takes place from April 3 to 7 with $235,000 and a spot in the Tour Finals at stake.

The tournament will feature several big names, including a number of Chessable authors, with more expected to confirm later.

Magnus Carlsen is undoubtedly the biggest name of the tournament. Carlsen’s participation in the tournament is noteworthy as it is expected to be his last major event before he relinquishes his World Chess Champion title, a title he has held for a decade.

The reigning champion has released several courses on Chessable, with his latest, Grind Like a Grandmaster, released in August of last year.

Other standout Chessable stars playing are Hikaru Nakamura and Wesley So. Nakamura joins after having already qualified for the knockout stage, following strong performances in last month’s Airthings Masters.

One of the most popular blitz streamers in the world, Nakamura has one course for Chessable, Nakamura’s Conquest: King’s Indian Defense.

So has a few hit Chessable courses under his belt, including the two-part Lifetime Repertoires: Wesley So’s 1.e4.

Open qualification has already been underway before the Play-In on March 13, the last chance to make it to the Chessable Masters proper.

The Play-In is the round taking place prior to the knockout round, which decides what divisions players will play in.

After that, 56 players will be split into three divisions for the launch of the tournament itself. The winner of Division 1 will receive $30,000.

The Chessable Masters has greatly expanded from the 2022 edition, which featured 16 players. Ding Liren, a current world title challenger from China, is the current Chessable Masters champion after defeating India’s Rameshbabu Praggnanandhaa in the final last year.

Wesley So won the event in 2021 while Magnus Carlsen, the reigning Tour Champion, won it in 2020.

The Chessable Masters is the second leg of the world’s richest and most prestigious online chess circuit. In total, there are six tournaments before the Finals event taking place in December.

You can follow Chessable Masters 2023 live on, with commentary and analysis from some of the world’s top chess experts. Fans can also follow the tournament on’s website and social media channels.

For more information about the Chessable Masters 2023, including the tournament schedule, player lineup, and prize pool, visit

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