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Easter Egg Hunt
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How good are you at finding tactics?

No, no, we don’t mean just finding the answer  – we mean literally finding them! Because this Easter, Chessable is having a limited-time Easter egg hunt where you can find and solve hidden puzzles throughout the site. 

Your mission – if you choose to accept it – is to follow the secret path created by the Chessable team to find the eggs (hidden links). Starting with this hidden course, you’ll have to solve puzzles to find the link to the next course – in which somewhere you’ll find the link to the next course – and so on, until you find all the hidden Easter eggs and solve all the puzzles in the final hidden course.

But this Easter egg hunt won’t be as easy as finding bright neon-colored eggs around the house! Not only have we made some special hidden courses which contain the eggs, some of them are also tucked away in existing Chessable Short & Sweet courses and free lessons. 

And if you do manage to find all the eggs, you can really brag to your friends about how good you are at finding tactics, because you’ll get a special Chessable badge only available through this Easter egg hunt!

But the clock is ticking. This challenge is only available during our Easter Sale through May 1. So, keep your eyes sharp and your calculation skills sharper – and have a happy Easter from all of us at Chessable. 

Start hunting Easter eggs here

By the way, have you checked out our Easter Sale yet? Nearly 200 courses are on sale now through May 1, and you can even get a free course when you buy one of our limited-time Easter baskets. Check out the Chessable store and see all the great courses on sale now.

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