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The inaugural Chessable Awards certainly sparked a lot of interest and debate.

26 Chessable courses made it to the shortlist for the category of Course of the Year and the top of the leader board changed several times as we approached the voting deadline.

Chessable Awards 2020 Winners Revealed

Without further ado, here are the most successful courses of 2020, as voted for by you, dear readers. Click on the pictures to find out more about each course.

Third Place

In Third Place we have…The Checkmate Patterns Manual, by CraftyRaf and International Master John Bartholomew.

Chessable Awards Course of the Year Third Place

This extremely popular course fought off plenty of Grandmaster opposition to claim this highly meritorious place.

Second Place

In Second Place, we have The Magnus Touch: Chess Strategy by none other than the World Champion himself, Grandmaster Magnus Carlsen, assisted by International Master Christof Sielecki, International Master John Bartholomew and Grandmaster Peter Heine Nielsen.

Chessable Awards Second Place

This course was always going to be a serious contender for first place. However, it fell just a little short.

First Place

The winner of Course of the Year in the Chessable Awards for 2020 is…

Lifetime Repertories: Najdorf Sicilian by the one and only Grandmaster Anish Giri!

Chessable Awards 1st Place Course

We featured this course recently and the lure of the fighting Najdorf Sicilian clearly remains as strong as ever with the voting public.

Is Grandmaster Giri’s first place in the Chessable Wards an omen for the forthcoming concluding phase of the FIDE Candidates Tournament?

The winner of the Chessable Author of the Year for 2020, as voted for by a panel of Chessable experts, is…

Grandmaster Sam Shankland!

Sam Shankland Award

Grandmaster Shankland’s new course was featured here yesterday and the full range of his Chessable output to date can be found here.

The Chessable Panel’s Choice

We have had an exceptionally fruitful year and feel very fortunate to have had the chance to work with so many talented and hardworking authors over the course of 2020.

Before we write some nice words about our choice author, we would like to thank ALL of our published authors, past and present, for contributing to making Chessable the best online resource for chess learning!

It was not easy for our publishing team to pick a Chessable Author of the Year for 2020. In the end, we agreed that one author in particular stood out – and that author is Grandmaster Sam Shankland.

Sam’s dedication, his prolific output – he published four courses in 2020 and delivered the manuscript for his fifth course before the end of 2020 – together with his consistent commitment to delivering true value to his students is not only admirable, it is also exceptional.

Sam has never missed a deadline and he often delivers his manuscripts well before our agreed deadlines. Additionally, he has always stayed open and receptive to feedback to improve his work. He continuously updates and improves his existing courses based on his students’ feedback. And, he’s always ready to answer questions.

Most importantly, Sam is an eloquent teacher who can explain complex opening or strategic concepts in a way that appeals to thousands of chess fans. He is a versatile writer with a self-deprecating sense of humor and a penchant for brutal honesty; the mark of a true chess player!

Sam is not only a great teacher and educator but he is also a genuine lover of the game. For this we salute him and celebrate his work. Congratulations from all of us at Chessable!

It has been a great success this year. We are already looking to expand the number of categories for the Chessable Awards of 2021. Thank you, everyone!

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