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It was good to see key members of team Chessable at ChessTech2020, the world’s premier chess conference.

A Successful Weekend

We teased the event last week and mentioned registrations had hit the 400 mark. They continued to grow and the final number for ChessTech2020 was a hugely impressive 527.

The weekend featured 44 sessions focusing mainly – but not entirely – on chess and technology. Speakers, delegates and guests ‘attended’ the conference from all over the world, criss-crossing a plethora of time zones.

Chessable were one of the key sponsors of the conference and were, of course, keynote speakers too.

Chessable Classroom

Dmitri Schneider and David Beaton presented in a key session on Developments in Chess Learning Technology.

This was the big reveal of Chessable Classroom, a very powerful tool which is definitely going to make a very big impact on the world of children, teachers and tutors.

David demonstrated various highlights from the Chessable Classroom package. There were other key Chessable personnel on show too, who bravely volunteered to test a couple of features ‘live.’

The ChessTech2020 sessions were recorded and most of them will be available to view via the official website in due course.

For the purposes of this post we are going to confine ourselves to a series of screenshots, to offer a flavour of the weekend.

Chessable at ChessTech2020

Chessable Presenters

Chessable in Action at ChessTech2020

Chessable Classroom

Chessable Classroom Announcement

Considerable excitement was generated by the demonstration and this was enhanced by the public confirmation that the Mobile App is also coming soon.

Chessable Mobile App

Chess and the Science of Learning

Professor Barry Hymer, Chessable’s Science Consultant to Chessable, presented a session on Chess and the Science of Learning.

Barry’s book on Chess Improvement, co-written with Grandmaster Peter Wells, continues to attract plenty of publicity and highly favourable reviews. It was therefore a timely opportunity for ChessTech2020 participants to hear Barry deliver his own thoughts on the subject in person.

Chess and the Science of Learning

Professor Barry Hymer Presenting at ChessTech2020 Chess ScienceChess Science at ChessTech2020

It was important to see team Chessable at ChessTech2020. Chess and technology have been growing closer over the last few years but now the relationship has accelerated considerably. This is, of course due to the current world emergency. There is no way of knowing what the future has in store for us or which chess activities will be able to resume their former ways. Therefore we need to embrace the new advances in technology in order to be ready for the challenges ahead.

We shall conclude our report on ChessTech2020 tomorrow, with snippets from the rest of the weekend.

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