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We recently released a series of improvements which we shared with you here, and today I wanted to announce a few more that many of you have been eagerly awaiting.

So here goes:

1. Toggle auto next lesson

From now on, if you have this enabled, your next lesson will be presented to you automatically as soon as you finish your current one. This speeds up the learning and review process. I’m personally excited about this one because I have around 7,000 tactical positions to review and this will make it breezy. To best explain it I made a short five-minute video which you can watch below:

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Alternatively, simply click on the >> sign in the MoveTrainer options (bottom right, right of the cog) and experience it for yourself. Enjoy.

2. A read-only revamp

When Chessable was born, read-only/informational lines were not that important, and they were few and far in between. Lately, they have increased in number due to many new books being converted to courses. Therefore, we made them easier to read and experience. Instead of having to hit “Next” several times, you will now see the whole move sequence immediately, and you can flip through the moves using arrows. We think it’s neat, do you like it?

3. Our new 200-point per move cap

We noticed that the Fast Forward Time feature became so popular, that sometimes you could even end up getting 500 points per move when studying A LOT. After extensive analysis, we decided it was time to lower the maximum point cap from 1300 points to 200 points.

There was a concern from one of the users on the forums that after lowering the cap they would never be able to “catch up” to the people on the previous higher cap. However, I’d like to address that by saying that the new cap is still high enough since only three users ever went beyond the 200 point cap.

These three people have been here almost from the very beginning, they are early adopters and had a year’s head start on most of our active users. They were unlikely to be caught anyway! We are thankful to these three users for breaking new ground and by doing so with their feedback helping tweak Chessable for the best for the rest of users joining us every day. True legends.

We might yet make one or two more adjustments in this area, to balance the point system further, but the 200 point maximum cap is effective immediately. Most of my problems give me +50 anyway 🙂

Finally, I’d like to remind everyone that we are constantly making Chessable better with your feedback and suggestions! You can leave your comments about these latest changes here, or submit your own suggestions here. You can also check up on all the changes and improvements in our changelog here.

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