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Regular Chessablers reading this may already have come across our super-user Logozar.

He’s a 17-year-old PRO member from Round Rock, near Austin, Texas, who’s released several popular UGC books on the site – the latest a big hit endorsed by a GM.

Chess learner and coach Elijah Logozar
Chess learner and coach Elijah Logozar

Logozar has also racked up more than 8.6m XP and been awarded nearly all the badges we have available.

In fact, we’d probably go as far to say that logozar is one of our favourite members – not forgetting Feingeist, of course, who is a legend.

Logozar, who’s real name is Elijah, contributes to the board, helps out other members, beta tests books and is generally a nice guy to have in our community.

He’s one of our most dedicated members, and recently putting in the hours has started to really pay off for him both online and over the board.

We are over the moon with his progress. Just take a look at this:

Yes, logozar has achieved something rather special on a certain site we shan’t mention (okay, it was and topped a hugely impressive 3352 on that site’s tactics trainer.

Meanwhile, his OTB rating has rocketed to 1954 USCF and he’s just won (scroll to the bottom) $2,500 by winning a tournament. Not bad.

Chessable, he says, played a big part:

I did a lot of Chessable study for tactics in the last 6 months, purchasing all their tactics books since. I haven’t yet completed all of them, there are still about 2000 puzzles left, but I’ve benefited a lot from Chessable’s spaced repetition.

I find it to be very effective because I can guarantee to learn, perhaps even auto-pilot in the long-run. I came across several tactics on the tactics trainer which I had learned on Chessable already, and I was able to auto-pilot most of them correctly as a result.

There were some problems which I repeatedly missed that I wasn’t doing on Chessable, as learning from missed puzzles can be rather hit/miss unless you repeat them, so I started importing tactics to Chessable and that helped me a lot.

Here’s more from logozar:

This was one of the main reasons why I went from 2700 to 3300 in 1-2 months on’s tactics trainer, the other reasons likely being my volume (7,000+ tactics + Chessable + some Chesstempo in 1-2 months), intensity (I would often train for several hours in a row), and age (I’m 17 years old and I heard that kids are especially good at learning).

I find Chessable’s methods to be very effective for learning. I’ve used Chessable so much lately that my current ranking on the all-time leaderboards is #22, mainly from the last 6 months. I hope that Chessable will continue to add tactics books to their website and I think that Chessable will continue helping me to rapidly progress.

Logozar says on his profile he has aspirations of becoming a professional chess player. And he’s getting there.

Here’s his latest tournament result from the Philidelphia International’s U2100 category – impressive, eh?

Well done logozar. We’re rooting for you. Logozar clearly shows that knuckling down and doing the hard work pays off. We’re here to help you do that and to make it easier.

If you want to check out logozar’s books – and please do – click here.

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