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Professor Barry Hymer

Barry is Emeritus Professor of Psychology in Education at the University of Cumbria, England, and until his retirement in April 2022, he was Chief of Science for Chessable. He is an experienced teacher, educational psychologist, consultant and academic and the author of ten acclaimed books and numerous papers in the field of teaching and learning. His eleventh and most recent book, Chess Improvement - It's all in the mindset was co-authored with GM Peter Wells, and has been described by Magnus's father Henrik as a 'game-changer', by Chessable's co-founder David Kramaley as a 'seminal work', and by American Chess Magazine as 'one of the most important (chess) books written in the last few years and possibly extending even beyond that'. It has also received the seal of approval from numerous eminent GMs and coaches, and by renowned academics like professors Dylan Wiliam, John Hattie, Guy Claxton, and the originator of mindset theory, Carol Dweck herself. When not engaged on his own quest for late-life chess improvement, Barry also enjoys reading, walking and seasonal wild camping.