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We are thrilled to announce our 4th Annual Create Your Own Course Contest, open now until October 19th.

This contest is becoming a prestigious event at Chessable. Many members gear up all year to be able to release their best effort at a five-star course and take home some cash as well as bragging rights with it. Not to mention having a famous author present the course.

This is also the 3rd edition of the course for Spanish courses as well as the 2nd for German.

We received so many good submissions last year that we are only now getting around to publishing the winning courses. In fact, one of the winners, Advanced Chess Patterns, still has yet to be released. You can look out for it in July.

We put a lot of attention into selecting the winners, and the presenter (last year was Grandmaster Maurice Ashley) of the winning course puts in a lot of work which really adds to the course.

So we encourage you to submit your best and even craziest idea. No topic is off limits, in fact IceBreaker, one of the winners from last year, made a course all about king play. The only requisite is that you be a Chessable PRO member.

The winning course will receive a $5,000 advance on course sales (recoupable) while second place will receive a $3,000 advance. The winner will have their course presented in video by International Master Andras Toth.

The winning Spanish and German courses will take home a $2,500 advance on cash sales, with second places receiving a €1,500 cash advance.

The winning Spanish course will receive video presentation by Grandmaster Alvar Rosell and the winning German course will receive video presentation by International Master Jonas Hacker.

Last year’s winner

Advanced Chess Patterns by Benedictine and Killer Kings by Icebreaker

The submissions were so strong last year that we had two winners for the English edition, Advanced Chess Patterns by Benedictine and Killer Kings by Icebreaker.

Benedictine is a regular Chessable contributor, and his winning Advanced Chess Patterns builds upon his previous courses, Common Chess Patterns.

Advanced Chess Patterns isolates certain tactical topics and drills you on them, focusing on the pattern at hand without any other distractions, so that you can later identify them in your games.

The other first-place course, Killer Kings by Icebreaker, focuses on an often neglected topic in chess: the king. The idea of the course is to “enhance our chess knowledge by exploring how the majority of tactics and positional ideas are connected to the kings.” It’s a unique course for sure, as it builds awareness and appreciation of the most overlooked piece on the board. This one is out now so be sure to pick it up.

Maurice went all out on the video for these two courses, so check them out.

Last year’s runner-up

Static Shock: A Full Benko Gambit Repertoire by Benkologist

Benkologist’s course is a full Benko Gambit repertoire, which they have developed after years of play and have found fresh novelties not found anywhere else.

The recommendations are engine-backed and 100% sound, with a focus on playing not “on explosive dynamic play, but rather Karpovian maneuver warfare on the queenside.”

No matter what your idea is, even if it’s still in the works, this is the perfect opportunity to see it flourish.

Even if it doesn’t win, it can still go on to become a successful course. It happened to Can Kabadayi, who first submitted his course to the contest, didn’t win, but later has gone on to become one of Chessable’s most popular authors.

Give it a shot and submit your course by October 19th. Winners will be announced in November/December this year.

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