Mark Dvoretsky’s Chess Tests

Lifetime Repertoire Caro-Kann

Chess Tests

Mark Dvoretsky prepared Chess Tests for publication but – alas – he passed away before the book appeared in print.

The original edition was published by Russell Enterprises in 2019.

We looked at Dvoretsky’s work as a trainer last month and we put his Chess Lessons book under the spotlight too.

Lifetime Rerpertoire: The Caro-Kann

Now it is time to look at his Chess Tests, to tie in with today’s release of a brand new Chessable edition.

Chess Tests: ‘Tastiest of Examples’

Artur Yusupov, who worked very closely with Dvoretsky, contributed the foreword for the book.

In his words:

‘Dvoretsky wanted to write a book that would not only teach some intricacies of chess, but would also be simply a pleasure to read for aficionados of the game, so he tried to amass the ”tastiest” of examples here.’

There are seven chapters, the subjects of which should ring several Dvoretsky bells.

Training Combinational Vision

Candidate Moves

Calculating Variations

Attack and Defence

Positional Play

Realizing and Advantage

Endgame Tests

Each chapter has a short introduction and then it is straight into the tests. There are no clues! As usual with Dvoretsky’s books, the reader is placed on the spot as much as possible.

Indeed, the solutions take up almost three times as much space as the questions.

Test Yourself

Here are two sample test questions to try.

World champions failed to find the best moves for White, which gives you extra incentive to working out how to proceed.

Chess Test Tactic

White to play

White played 28 Qa1, in search of activity on the queenside, and won after 66 moves. There was a stronger move here. What was the best move for White?

Endgame Test

How is White to continue?

There is an abundance of excellent training material in Chess Tests. In fact there are no fewer than 226 exercises, which should keep even the most diligent of students busy for some time.

Chessable’s MoveTrainer™ facility will help you digest the lessons. How deep can you go? How much can you improve?

Head here to find out more about Mark Dvoretsky’s Chess Tests. Time to start getting serious about your chess training!