International Chess Day 2020

Lifetime Repertoire Caro-Kann

International Chess Day

Happy International Chess Day!

What better time could there possibly be to teach someone how to play chess? (No answers on postcards, please.)

We have been inviting people to show their chess teaching in action over on our Twitter page.

Lifetime Rerpertoire: The Caro-Kann

Furthermore, in addition to sharing the love of chess, we are giving away five copies of IM John Bartholomew and CraftyRaf’s The Checkmate Patterns Manual.

The winners will be announced on our Twitter page. Meanwhile, we are sharing some inspirational photographs here. They will hopefully put a smile on your face and help to spread the great power of positivity.

Perhaps now you will also be motivated to join in with the fun of International Chess Day and teach chess to a junior, adult and…well, see for yourself!

Teaching Chess

Chess Pony

Man Teaching Chess

Teaching Chess Group

Girl Playing Chess

Teddy Play Chess

Naturally, you don’t need to win a competition to enjoy the undoubted delights of IM John Bartholomew and CraftyRaf’s The Checkmate Patterns Manual.

Simply head here for further details on the course.

The Checkmate Patterns Manual

The checkmate patterns include: Anastasia, Greco, Arabian, Smothered, Suffocation, Swallow’s Tail, David & Goliath, Boden, Balestra and many others.

These are all motifs you must know if you want to score those quick and decisive wins.

You will find all these essential mating patterns explained in full in this course. Test yourself on every one. Review them. Master them. Because these are the killer combos that will win you games

Why not treat yourself to ensure you do indeed have a Happy International Chess Day?