Chess Tactics at the Chessable Masters

Lifetime Repertoire Caro-Kann

How did your chess tactics measure up against some of the world’s top players?

Two days ago we left you with a set of positions from the Chessable Masters, in which you were invited to find the winning moves.

Here are the answers.

Unfortunate Rooks

Answers Tactics Skewer

Lifetime Rerpertoire: The Caro-Kann

Nepomniachtchi – Artemiev

Black played 25 …Re8, missing 26 Ba4! skewering the black rooks (1-0, 59).

Royal Line-up

Answers Tactics Pin

Dubov – Artemiev

Black played 33 …Qe4, threatening checkmate on g2. Dubov replied with 34 Bd3, pinning the black queen against her own king. 1-0.

Destroying the Defence

Answers Tactics Sacrifice

Grischuk – Harikrishna

Grischuk crashed through with 30 Rxe6! and Harikrishna resigned; 1-0. If 30 …Qxf4, then White plays 31 Re8+ before recapturing the queen with 32 Rxf4. If 30 …fxe6 31 Qf7+ leads to a speedy checkmate.

A Major Discovery


Carlsen – Nakamura

Carlsen played 28 Nxh6+! and Nakamura resigned; 1-0. 28 …gxh6 clearly loses the queen to 29 Qxh6; the chess tactic is a discovered attack. 28 …Qxh6 saves the queen but leaves the position hopeless after 29 Bxd5, with attacks against the rook on a8 and the defensive pawn on f7. Black’s entire position will collapse.

Endgame Control

Endgame Promotion

Ding – Nakamura

This example does not a feature a chess tactic but shows an important moment in the endgame.

Nakamura’s next move, 60 …Rh1, losing control of the a-file, was a big mistake. After 61 Ra2! White can shield his king from checks, leaving the way open for his pawn to promote. 61 …Rb1 62 Ka7 and 1-0, as Black can only stop the pawn promotion by sacrificing his rook for the pawn.

Deadly Fork


Caruana – Giri

More chess tactics! Giri played the fine move 26 …Rc4+! and Caruana resigned; 0-1. The rook forks the white king and knight, so if 27 Kd1 or 27 Kb2 then 27 …Rxc5 leaves Black a piece ahead. Unfortunately for White, 27 bxc4 allows 27 …Rb1 checkmate!

Just imagine if you had been playing against one or more of the players in the positions above and you managed to find the winning moves. Maybe one day you will!