A Tricky Chess Ending: How Deep Can You Go?


Here is a tricky chess ending for you to consider.

How good is your endgame skill?

Study Endgames

‘Study endgames’ is common advice in chess, even though the majority of players prefer to ignore it so they can spend more time cramming in knowledge of the openings.

We have already started an ongoing series covering the basics of chess openings and will soon start a new series on chess tactics.

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However, today we turn our attention to the world of endgames as we invite you to consider this position.

Chess Ending

Teodors Bergs – Vladimir Petrovs

Kemeri, 1937

White now blocked the check with 43 Rb2.


Two questions for you:

1) How would you proceed as Black?

2) What do you think the result would be, assuming both sides play the best moves?

This is not a basic example of endgame skill by any means. Be prepared to have to dig deep to find the secrets of the position.

Keep away from the databases and engines, immerse yourself in the position and see what you can discover in this tricky chess ending.

Training Exercise

Additionally, it would be interesting to play out the position with a friend or sparring partner (a training method strongly advocated by top trainer Mark Dvoretsky). Simply set up the position and play on as if you are in a competitive game.

We will present analysis of the tricky chess ending in the next blog post.

Meanwhile, have fun examining the twists and turns and see if your endgame analysis will match that of the experts!