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Chessable Holidays Quiz

Welcome to the Chessable Holidays Quiz!

As we offer our finest festive felicitations to all of our readers, we also offer you a challenge.

Don’t worry; we are not going to delve into the serious side of chess today. There will not be a task asking you to find the toughest of tactics or the prettiest of pins. We are not even going to insist you make sure your chess openings help you to control the Santa of the board.

The ethos of our Chessable quiz is quite different.

Do you remember fun? I do – and I want spread more of it, whenever I can. Why not sit back, relax and try our 12 questions?

We have six mystery Chessable authors and six chess puzzles to solve. Time to make a start!

I am not sure if our Chessable authors realised there was a sanity clause in their contracts, but we have made good use of it anyway.

With apologies to anyone suffering from pogonophobia, we present the first of our mystery Chessable authors, demonstrating his understanding of the Silent Knight.

Question One

Chessable Holidays Quiz Santa

Who is it?

Question Two

An easy starter for our six chess puzzles. Black is in checkmate! However, a white piece has fallen from the board.

Which piece is it – and where should it be to deliver the checkmate?

Chessable Quiz Question Two

Replace the piece to checkmate Black

Question Three

Chessable Santa Giri

Who is it?

Question Four

Here is an old favourite. The position was composed by George Edward Carpenter (1844-1924). It’s only a two-mover, so that shouldn’t be too tricky…should it?

Checkmate in Two Moves

White to play and checkmate Black in two moves

Question Five

Chessable Quiz Santa Colovic

Who is it?

Question Six

Samuel Loyd (1841-1911) is one of the finest composers of problems and puzzles ever known. He didn’t confine himself to the world of chess, but there are hours of fun to be had trying to solve his chess compositions.

Hopefully, it won’t take you hours to solve this one though – but do help yourself to another mince pie while you ponder.

White to play and checkmate Black in three moves

Question Seven

Santa King

Who is it?

Question Eight

Let’s head back to Samuel Loyd to see what he has in store for us this time. Why! It’s a mere checkmate in two moves. This one shouldn’t keep you busy for too long. Don’t keep the next secret Santa waiting!

White to play and checkmate Black in two moves

Question Nine

Chessable Holiday Quiz

Who is it?

Question Ten

When I was first shown this problem, which was composed by Tibor Orbán, it baffled me for a while.

Both sides must play four moves and end up in this position. The moves are all legal, but not necessarily the best!

Chessable Quiz Retro-Puzzle

How can you reach this position after Black’s fourth move?

Question Eleven

Chessable Quiz Santa Yasser

Who is it?

Question Twelve

At this time of year, we cannot be blamed for wanting a little extra. This intriguing position was composed by Hieronymus Fischer (1843-1927). There is something odd going on here, but once you find out what it is you should be able to complete the task soon enough.

White to play and checkmate Black in one move

We hope you enjoyed our Chessable Holidays Quiz. You will have to wait a little longer for the answers, but stay tuned to this blog and they will soon be revealed!

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