2020 Chessable Holidays Quiz – The Answers


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2020 Chessable Holidays Quiz – The Answers

It is time to relieve the suspense and put an end to minds being boggled as we present the answers to yesterday’s quiz questions.

In the Curious Case of the Six Secret Santas, you can click on the links below to find the original versions of the photographs and learn a little more about the authors at the same time.

Answer One

Simon Williams

Answer Two

Quiz Answers 2

Place a white knight on f7.

Answer Three

Anish Giri

Answer Four

Quiz Answers 4

George Edward Carpenter
Dubuque Chess Journal, 1873

White checkmates Black in two moves by 1 Qh3! Ke4 2 Rc4 checkmate.

Answer Five

Alex Colovic

Answer Six

Chessable Christmas Quiz 6

Samuel Loyd
New York Albion, 1857

White checkmates Black in three moves like this: 1 Rf4 Kxg3 2 0-0 Kh3 3 R1f3 checkmate.

Black can try 1 …Kxh1 but it is still three moves after 2 Kf2 Kh2 3 Rh4 checkmate.

Answer Seven

Daniel King

Answer Eight

Chessable Christmas Quiz - The Answers

Samuel Loyd
New York Sunday Herald 1889

White delivers checkmate in two moves after 1 Bf8! (threatening 2 Qa1 checkmate) and now:

1 …Nc2 2 Qxc2 checkmate.

1 …Bxb2 2 Bh6 checkmate.

1 …Kxb2 2 Qa3 checkmate.

Answer Nine

Pentala Harikrishna

Answer Ten

The moves are:

1 e4 e6 

2 Bb5 Ke7

3 Bxd7 c6

4 Be8 Kxe8

This sequence brings us to the desired position.

Chess Puzzle AnswerTibor Orban

Answer Eleven

Yasser Seirawan

Answer Twelve

Chessable Christmas Quiz - The AnswersHieronymus Fischer

We gave two hints:

‘At this time of year, we cannot be blamed for wanting a little extra.’

‘There is something odd going on here, but once you find out what it is you should be able to complete the task soon enough.’

Black has nine pawns on the board. Remove any pawn and there will be a checkmate in one move. You can do that without my help, can’t you?

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