IM Christof Sielecki on Keep It Simple winning ChessPub Book of the Year

By Leon Watson / On / In Chess openings


The idea behind KIS 1.e4 was born in June 2017, when I was coaching junior players at the German Youth Championships.

Most of them play 1.e4, but I was not a 1.e4 player at the time and I didn’t know of a book that would help me in quickly preparing some lines.

So I figured I should write one myself.

That was the start of an amazing journey of many ‘firsts’.

It became the first Chessable release with video, then the first Chessable product to be turned into a traditional print book.

Now it has won its first award, showing that it is well received in the traditional book community as well.

The award was given to the print book, but for me, it is also an award for the Chessable course.

The print book benefited so much form the feedback of Chessable users, pointing out initial omissions or suggesting improvements.

The Chessable community helped enormously to make it the well-rounded product that now received its first award.

To celebrate, we are offering a discount now…

Check it out here.