We’ve just made some big improvements you will LOVE


What’s your biggest gripe with Chessable?

We had a forum post recently from one of our members, Stigma, who said it’s very difficult to train on our site while eating, and it got us thinking.

He has got a point: humans just don’t have enough hands to solve Chessable tactics and sustain themselves at the same time. Something needs to be done.

So, we’ve been working really hard to try and iron this out, and all those other the little things you’ve been telling us that just hold up your learning experience and make it less efficient.

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After all, we want everything to work as smoothly as possible so you can focus on the one thing we’re all here to do: get better at chess.

And at last it is with great pleasure that we can announce the latest list of tweaks – some of which are actually quite big – designed to make your life easier. We hope Stigma is pleased.

1) Export to pgn has arrived!

The biggie. People have been asking us if they can export their own books to pgn files from the site for AGES. And now we have finally made it possible.

The new export function on Chessable

Exporting your Chessable books (we’re now calling them courses to avoid confusion with print books) will help you maintain your repertoires if you are someone who likes to use other software in conjunction with our platform. We don’t discourage that at all, so we’ve made it easier.

Please note: we have to make clear though that we can’t allow exports of our paid-for courses without the express permission of authors and/or the original publishers. We’re sorry about that but it has to be the case to protect their IP and the publishing agreements we have with them.

However, thanks to some hard work by our devs, export to pgn is now up and running for custom courses and repertoires you’ve made.

Check out our new export to pgn function here.

2) Faster smoother exit

We’re having a war on extraneous clicks at the moment, trying to cut out as many as we can and this is the latest.

Gone is the annoying need to confirm that you want to exit MoveTrainer if your progress has already been saved. We felt this was just totally unnecessary and slowed down your learning experience.

We want Chessable as slick and smooth as it can get and tiny tweaks like this make all the difference. More to come in this area.

3) New settings + ‘pre-move’

This is a fun one. Are you one of the people who think Chessable is infuriatingly slow? Perhaps you’re a bullet or blitz player and Chessable just doesn’t keep up?

Now, thanks to our fancy new update, you now have the option of making “pre-moves” while solving tactics/learning openings. It’s now possible to drag the piece to the square before your “opponent” moves ready to drop.

So, so many people have requested this, including Doctor_Eggplant in this forum post, it was something we just had to get done. And the whole process makes learning chess openings or chess tactics on Chessable much faster. Give it a whirl now, we hope you like it.

But that’s not all. For those who are not a speed freaks, when inside MoveTrainer you can now toggle your learning and review speeds for different variations and tactics. If you want, you can slow it down.

It’s very easy to do, when you’re solving a problem you’ll see a little gear icon and if you hit that this menu below will appear:

Toggle your chess study settings

Here you can customise the speed to your liking.

4) A whole bunch of tiny tweaks

There are far more small changes, bug fixes and new settings that we’ve added over the the last week. Here is the full list from August 8:

• The arrow keys work for navigating the mainline inside the MoveTrainer

• When you change a variation’s key moves manually, it will not be included in the “automatic” key move setting so that you do not lose your work

• New settings: ‘Learn speed’ and ‘review speed’ (gear icon in MoveTrainer)

• Allow starting to drag while the opponent has not moved yet (once it is the player’s turn, the possible target squares get a grey highlight, and the piece can be dropped)

• Allow clicking source square while the opponent has not moved yet

• Fix bug: ‘piece can get stuck on mobile’

• Fix bug: ‘cloned chess pieces’

• Fix bug: ‘next button can be spammed’

• New style for awarded points

• Fix rating star layout on tablet/mobile

• Fix ‘automatic scrolling broken for notifications’

• When exiting MoveTrainer: no need to confirm, if progress is saved already

• Mass deletion of variation in your book is now possible

• Completed switch from “books” to “courses” to try and transmit a clearer message that we are not just about books, but interactive courses!

• Launched a “Legends” only discussion forum

What’s coming up next?

To be perfectly honest we have so much to mention I don’t think I can run through it all now. However, one thing you may like to know is that we’re planning further improvements to the study work flow of tactic books so that there is less clicking on “Next”.

Again this is something that has been widely requested, and we think them latest batch will be ready in about a month.

Meanwhile, we’re busy working on our publishing schedule for the next few months which includes some pretty exciting new releases such as Dvoretsky’s Endgame Manual and a new London System repertoire.

You can keep an eye on our launch roadmap for the summer of 2018 here.

And please look out for our email on Wednesday – we’re giving a revamp to one of our most challenging books, Mastering Chess Middlegames by Panchenko.

So the site is definitely getting better on practically a daily basis now. Please give some dev-love to our superb programmers Simon (doubleblue on Chessable) and Kelly (Fechtsport) for all their hard work.