Month: March 2018

Will there be trash-talking with Magnus? Oh yeah, no doubt, says Fabiano Caruana

By Leon Watson / On / In Chess news, Features, Magnus Carlsen, World Chess Championship

We couldn’t help ourselves. Less than 24 hours after Fabiano Caruana won the Candidates tournament in Berlin to secure a world title tilt against Magnus Carlsen we were onto him. Most of all we wanted to know when the trash-talking would start! But also what the new World Chess Championship challenger’s relationship with the champion …

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From 891 to 1760: How Jameson took his USCF rating through the roof

By Leon Watson / On / In Case studies

Greeny50000 is booked-to-the-teeth. He’s even got the badge for it. And Greeny’s also got the Like a Bolt! badge for being fast – which is just as well considering how quickly he’s improving. But now this Chessable member – real name Jameson Tang – has just achieved something even better than our badges – he’s …

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Synced chess videos: How to strengthen recall with a fresh new mode of review

By David Kramaley / On / In Chess science, Chessable news

I have only shared this with a few people, but one of the reasons I co-founded Chessable, was that I had watched almost every single chess video available on my favourite openings, and yet remembered nothing. I listened carefully, and I reviewed some of the videos more than once. However, time after time, nothing stuck, and …

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Kasparov on the Candidates and how to beat Magnus Carlsen

By Leon Watson / On / In Chess news, Features, Magnus Carlsen

Shortly before Christmas, Chessable had the pleasure of catching up with Garry Kasparov to talk about his work with the Chess In Schools and Communities charity, which helps get kids involved in this great game we play. Kasparov, who we have a tactics training book on, dominated the world of chess for two decades and is, as everyone …

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