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About Chessable

Chessable aims to make learning chess content as easy and efficient as possible. We digest the science so that you don't have to, and allow for an optimal learning experience.

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Our History

Around 2013

Chessable was first born as a simple private opening memorisation tool around 2013.

December 2015

We decided to develop this private tool into a comprehensive & social learning website.

February 2016

Chessable is released in Open BETA!

September 2016

We've reached 10,000 members!

April 2017

We've reached 20,000 members and have raised £100k in funding. We've got some cool stuff in the works!

July 2017

First classic print book made interactive with the 100 Endgames You Must Know release!

Dec 2017

First tactics print book made interactive with the 1001 Chess Exercises for Beginners release!

March 2018

First video-sync course released with Keep It Simple: 1.e4.

November 2018

First course, first-released on our platform, Keep It Simple: 1.e4 is now also published as a print book! Awesome.

January 2019

We've reached 50,000 members!

April 2019

We've ramped up our publishing schedule to make all of your top favourite books into interactive courses! We've now got Dvoretsky, Yusupov, super GM Harikrishna and much much more for you to enjoy!

July 2019

We are working to release iOS and Android apps, as well as re-design the site to something fresher.

September 2019

Hurrah! We've joined PlayMagnus & Chess24, read more here.

The Near Future

We are constantly working to improve the platform for everyone. Stay tuned for more!

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David Kramaley

David Kramaley

CEO and Co-founder

John Bartholomew

IM John Bartholomew

CCO and Co-founder

Dmitri Shneider

IM Dmitri Shneider


Gerald Tan

Gerald Tan


Ted Wong

Ted Wong

System Architect

Simon Wuttke

Simon Wuttke


Leon Watson

Leon Watson

PR & Marketing

Geert van der Velde

Geert van der Velde

Publishing Manager

Jabe Esguerra

Jabe Esguerra

Content & Community

William Hoggarth

William Hoggarth


Chris Sherriff

Chris Sherriff


Kristoffer Dahlstrand

Kristoffer Dahlstrand

Community & Design

GM Alex Colovic

GM Alex Colovic

Resident GM

Maaike Keetman

Maaike Keetman

Content & Quality

Daniel Barrish

FM Daniel Barrish

Content & Quality

Erwin Koning

Erwin Koning

Content & Quality

Jeroen Weggen

Jeroen Weggen

Content & Quality

Kamil Plichta

FM Kamil Plichta

Content & Quality

Meet David

Hi! I'm David, and together with John, I am thrilled to be able to bring you Chessable.

I have a personal background in computer science and games. Because of this, I have been involved in the social games industry for about 6 to 7 years. I had a chance to create games that reached millions of players around the world. A career highlight was when in one day we reached enough of an audience to fill a stadium the size of Camp Nou!

In the last few years, my focus has shifted towards Psychology and the human sciences, and as part of that, I completed a Master's Degree in the Psychology of Education (BPS) at Bristol University. I used this time to research about how learning occurs and how to make the most of it. I also integrated my interest in chess as much as I could to my coursework.

In fact, my dissertation was titled "Can implicit theories of intelligence and chess, together with deliberate practice, improve our understanding of expertise and expert performance?". My work received a grade of distinction and was recommended for publishing in a peer-reviewed journal by one of its previous Editors. I also hold a PGCert in Applied Psychology from the University of Liverpool.

How does this all apply to Chess? Well, chess has always been one of my passions, but in these last few years, I have taken it more seriously. Around 2013, I realised that the current way we learn chess openings is very inefficient. I watched hours of educational video content, read books, nothing stuck.

In 2013 I wrote Chessable as a very basic product for my own use. When I played my very first FIDE tournament game, I realised Chessable was working well. In my second game, I drew easily vs. a player rated 2,050 FIDE. Not bad for my debut in an official tournament!

It was at this point I considered the idea with more seriousness and decided to take it further by building a team around it, to improve the product and reach a wider audience so that everyone could benefit. Late 2015 I brought the idea to John, and the rest is now in front of you. I hope you like it.

Meet Jeroen
Hi, I'm Jeroen. I've been playing chess since I was 10 years old. On Chessable I'm responsible for importing courses and keeping published courses up to date.
Meet Kamil
My name is Kamil Plichta. I am 28 years old FIDE Master from Poland. On 1.01.2018 I crossed classical chess 2400 FIDE rating while gaining the 1st International Master norm. I am a Blitz addict, expoker player and author of several opening courses at Chessable. I also help out with course quality assurance.
Meet Erwin
Story coming soon.
Meet Dmitri

Dmitri is an International Master and former US National Team player with chess teaching experience in the US. He previously co-founded BGS Chess, a chess education company that grew to teaching over 300 children in less than 3 years.

Meet Alex

You will find Alex in our Ask a Master section and often writing incredible content for our blog.

Meet Simon

Hi, I'm Simon. I'm a front-end developer from Germany.

I like solving problems, and making things shiny! I'm very much intrigued by learning tools such as Chessable, and fun, engaging learning environments.

In the summer of 2016, I got the opportunity to start working for Chessable on a volunteer basis. Currently, I am extending my skills through an online front-end developer program designed by Google.

The work for Chessable combines my interests in web design, memory, and chess.

Meet Gerald

Gerald Tan is currently an Advisor to start-up CEOs in London and Singapore. He combines his background in business, finance and product management to provide a deep insight into product development and the path to profitability. He also acts as a mentor, sharing his leadership and entrepreneurial experience. Prior to this, he co-founded a social games company where he raised finance, built a team and business, and sold the company to Sony GSN.

Meet Geert

Hi, I’m Geert. I’m a musician/songwriter and chess enthusiast turned professional chess catalog manager and music enthusiast. I’m what you would call an adult improver at the game. I only started playing competitive / club chess in 2017 when I joined my first chess club at the age of 37 and started putting in serious training hours (sometimes putting in 20 to 30 hours a week next to my music career and family life as a father of three). Up til then I had been playing chess casually for two decades, mostly online blitz, with friends. I dabbled in chess study occasionally during those years, picking up some books and learning a thing or two here and there. But, the chess bug seriously bit me in late 2016, early 2017. Next to my own training I also started teaching chess in schools as volunteer. Something I still do with a lot of pleasure.

I first came across Chessable in late 2017 when I listened to John Bartholomew’s interview on the Perpetual Chess Podcast. I checked out the platform the next day and was immediately excited about finally having found a training tool that addressed all of my training needs. Since then Chessable and its wonderful community have become my main source for training. I published my first tactics collection in October of 2018 on the then ongoing Olympiad. The course was an instant success on the site receiving accolades from several chess masters.

One thing led to the next very quickly after that and as of January 2019 I’m now happy and proud to call myself Chessable’s catalog manager. I’m very excited about all of Chessable’s future plans and future publications. I’m 100% sure we’ll serve the chess community in the best possible way and continue to strive to make the experience for our students better and better.

Meet John

Hey there - I'm John!

I am an International Master from Eagan, Minnesota who has been playing, studying, and teaching chess for over 20 years. In 2002 I won the National High School Chess Championship, and in 2006 I became an IM. After graduating in 2009 from the University of Texas-Dallas with a degree in Business Administration, I spent a brief time in law school before deciding to become a full-time chess teacher in 2011.

One of the most frequent questions I've received as a chess coach is "How do I go about studying chess openings?" Opening study is a popular and necessary aspect of chess improvement, but it was frustrating to tell students that there was no efficient "go-to" resource out there. Proper opening study requires both understanding and memorisation, and I was not aware of a single platform that offered this.

Enter Chessable. In late 2015, Chessable CEO David Kramaley contacted me about a site he had built to assist in his personal study of chess openings. I liked the concept, and since David and I both saw great potential in the idea, he invited me to join forces in an effort to make Chessable a premier, modern platform for learning chess openings. Moreover, we believe Chessable has application even beyond chess openings!

I hope you enjoy the site. Feel free to leave me any questions or feedback here on Chessable, or head on over to my YouTube page where I post daily instructive chess videos. Good luck with your chess improvement!

Meet Leon

Leon is an award-winning former national newspaper journalist who joined the Chessable team in January 2018. He is a devoted dad, a keen league player and secretary of Battersea Chess Club in London. In his last job for The Telegraph Leon broke almost every chess story that made mainstream news in the UK over the last few years. He has met most of the top players and, as an ex hack, he's still always on the look out for a good chess tale to tell. Leon is roughly 1600 Fide, a modest rating he blames on his son refusing to sleep.

Meet Jabe

Jabe Esguerra is an experienced blogger and internet marketer. His lifelong dream of having a “chess career” came true when he joined the Chessable team in June 2018.

No, he hasn’t gone pro, in case you’re wondering. Jabe only sports a 1600-ish online rating. Rather, he’s busy providing support to Chessable users and tasked with the extremely important task of converting print books into digital format.

Meet Daniel

Hi, I’m Daniel. I’m a Fide Master from South Africa. I have been playing tournament chess for over a decade, winning several national championships along the way, but one of the moments I’m most fond of is drawing against Garry Kasparov in a 2012 simul.

I first came across Chessable in August last year – I was dissatisfied with other chess training tools and was searching for something new. I was immediately impressed by Chessable’s simplicity, elegance and power. Since then, I decided to use Chessable for my own chess repertoires – gradually I imported my preparation and began training with it.

In December 2016, I decided to publish a portion of my repertoire as a public course. The reception by Chessable users was great! After conversing with David, I was offered a part-time post at Chessable with multiple responsibilities.

I hope you will join me on my quest to chess improvement with the help of Chessable!

Meet Maaike
I am responsible for Content & Quality Assurance on Chessable. I am also a very enthousiastic chess player who still hopes to become an International Master some day.
Meet Kristoffer
Kristoffer is in charge of keeping our community discussions informative and family friendly, as well as holding various duties from design to video editing.
Meet Ted

Ted is an influential chess algorithms developer; his chess playing iOS app is one of the most popular apps on the market. He is known by chess developers for his strong artificial intelligence algorithms and intuitive user-interfaces.

Ted has helped us implement several key features and advised us about some others. As the site grows, we look forward to continuing to work closely with Ted, as he is one of the most skilled chess developers around.

Meet William

Hi, I'm William. I'm a British developer living in Novosibirsk, Russia!

Chessable combines my passion for software, chess and learning. Spaced repetition (the theoretical foundation of Chessable) played a key part in helping me to learn Russian and therefore I was delighted when I found this site, even more so when I joined the team!

Like many, my Dad taught me how to play chess when I was small, but it was only when I went to university that I was able to play opponents both online and OTB. My passion for chess was ignited and I even wrote a chess engine as part of my final year project.

Coming back after a hiatus from Chess, I'm keen to apply the learning principles and skills I discovered through language learning. Chessable is already far more effective than what was available in my university days and I'm looking forward to helping make it even better!

Meet Chris

Hi, I'm Chris. I'm a developer from Bristol, UK. I love to code, and am keen to make Chessable the best website around for learning chess.

I'm a passionate about problem-solving, hence enjoy my time both using and developing the Chessable website!

My game is not yet in the same league as most of the others on the team, but I find being surrounded by great players provides constant inspiration to improve.